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Daily Bull 5.29.15

"Been travelin' these highways... Been doin' things my way... It's been making me lonesome... on'ry and mean..."

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

HEYO BEISBOL, Y'ALL. The College Station Regional gets going today (weather permitting). The Ags play Texas Southern at 6 PM. If you're tech-savvy (I'm not) you can find the game on ESPN3. As always, our man with the plan and the Twitter fire - one JZ - has you covered soup-to-nuts on this weekend's baseball.

DIMES. The Southeastern Conference is flush with cash. The league pulled in $451 million in revenue last year. That means they're distributing $31 million per school. That's silly money, you guys. Projections had the distribution around $20 million. This whole network thing is a damn boon.

THESE DOGS BEST COME WITH SOME GRIT. Adidas sent over some Snoop Dogg cleats to the program. Why the hell not. I just hope there's a little badassery in all our damn swagger for once. I say it often, but the Ags under Sumlin are too often a Ferrari with an atrocious crash rating.

Have a helluva weekend, gang. Here's to baseball making swift work of the visitors.