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Daily Bull 5.28.15

Rock and roll ain't noise pollution

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

THANK YE SCRIBES FOR THY LETTERS. You wrote questions and missives - GBH answered. Follow the life wisdom of this here online periodical and you too can have a fulfilling life of agoraphobia and obsessive taeks.

94% TOOK THE OVER. The oddsmakers currently have A&M's 2015 win total at 7.5. Yesterday, cup collected data on how y'all would bet. Only 6% think we'll win 7 games or less - that includes the Burnt Orange Nation loyal GBH readers! Keep swillin' that Everclear Kool Aid and molly, kiddies.

JOHNNY B GOOD. Seems like Johnny is staying on the straight and narrow. He's hanging with LeBron a lot. Good stuff, because it's obvious Johnny really looks up to LeBron, and you almost never see LeBron's personal life. Keep workin', John. We're pulling like hell for you.

A&M ATHLETES LEARNIN'. The Ag student athletes scored very well on the latest APR release from the NCAA that tracks grades, graduation, and other nerd stuff. Football tallied their highest score ever - 974. Y'all are smart. Keep winnin' and learnin'.