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Texas A&M's 2015 Win Total Over/Under (plus other schools of interest)

How many games will the Aggies win in 2015?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

I've filtered the 5 Dimes Casino and Sportsbook early college football season win total prop bets to highlight the schools that matter to you. The SBNation mothership has win total bets for the full list of teams.

Note that all wagers are for regular season games only -- no conference title or bowl games are included.


Team Wins over/under
Alabama 9.5
Arkansas 8.5
Auburn 8.5
Mississippi State 7
Ole Miss 8.5
Texas A&M 7.5


Team Wins over/under
Baylor 10
Houston 8.5
TCU 10
Texas 6.5
Texas A&M 7.5
Texas Tech 6

Where is the easy money in these lists? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.