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Daily Bull 5.22.15

"This old porch is a steamin' greasy plate of enchiladas / With lots of cheese and onions ans a guacamole salad / You can get them at the LaSalle Hotel in old downtown / With ice tea and a waitress who will smile every time"

WELCOME TO AGGIELAND NOW RUN DAT DAMN BALL. As was forecasted yesterday (#industry), Oklahoma former 5-star running back Keith Ford is transferring to A&M. Ford will sit out the 2015 season and enter 2016 with two remaining years of eligibility. Good to have you around, Keith. Produce and we might not turn you into a defensive back. No promises.

OH THERE'S MORE. Buried in that article is the nugget that Kenny Hill has finally made it official he's going to TCU and will be ready for the 2016 season. Doesn't it feel like a damn lifetime ago that Kenny was torching South Carolina? It was a scant nine months! The lesson here is this - don't think you can party like Johnny and beat Bama like Johnny. Ain't no one can.

OH BEISBOL. BLESS YOU BOYS. No muss, no fuss, plenty of long ball. The A&M baseball team beat up on No. 9 Vandy yesterday in Hoover to propel themselves into the semifinals on Saturday. That game will be at noon. Tune yer ass in.

COOL CROOTIN. Man, I've always felt a documentary that showcased college coaches on their recruiting trips would be so bad ass. NOT LIKELY because bag men are camera shy or some such. This article with video showcases the Miami (FL) coaching staff out on the trail.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, gang. Back to my requisite Friday routine of doing lunges and watching Manziel highlights.