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Daily Bull 5.21.15

“USA Today has come out with a new survey - apparently, three out of every four people make up 75% of the population." - David Letterman

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

VAMOS A COMER TACOS Y VIGILANCIA DE BÉISBOL, YOU GUYS. The baseball team beat Alabama in Birmingham yesterday at Legion Field Hoover Met to the tune of 4-3. Today we're playing the poindexter elitists from Vandy. 4:30 SEC Network. A win here would be really, really deluxe. Our man Zimmermann has you primed and lacquered on baseball and beer that costs more than my first car.

KEITH STONE? NAH, KEITH FORD. Ex-Oklahoma running back Keith Ford is in the middle of the transferring process and is leaning heavily toward A&M. The Cypress native just kind of tells it like it is in interviews. Pretty refreshing. Like Keystone.

SUMLIN "BULLISH" ABOUT A&M'S DIRECTION. This link is from the Midland Reporter-Telegram (who knew such a thing existed). By west Texas decree, anytime something is good, the writer must use the word "bullish". "Things are going really well with that hot chick over there. I'm bullish that they'll be having brunch tomorrow." Stuff like that. Anyway, I too am quite bullish on A&M's direction. Midland has never been wrong on bullish forecasts, gang.

GOODNIGHT, DAVE. We like laughing, being idiots, and finding humor in the oddest of places around here. I think I speak for many GBH authors when I say David Letterman was a huge comedic influence during almost all of my formative years. Last night's farewell was just perfect. It was heartfelt without being mushy or ham-handed. It was funny as hell. Going to miss you, Dave-o. I really liked this write-up from Spencer Hall.

HEART FULL OF TAEKS. Our favorite Doctor is comin' home to Texas, y'all. Everything went well for him up in Minnesota, but it's high time he got his ass back here and back to taekin'.

Have a bang-up Thursday, you guys.

POLL: What non-Texas Top 10 metro market (pop.) would you live in if you had to choose? Because some of you get persnickety and anal about hypothetical polls, let's assume you make $200,000 per year. And you have chlamydia. Nah, just messing. You make $250,000 per year.