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Aggie baseball bevels up their uniforms for the SEC Tournament

Seal-centric look provides visual synergy across brand platforms.

The Texas A&M baseball team begins SEC Tournament play on Wednesday, May 20, and they'll do so with a newly released uniform, prominently featuring the university's updated seal.

"Developed by Adidas in conjunction with the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents, this new uniform strategically aligns Texas A&M baseball with the One True Brand initiative, providing robust, actionable visual solutions across brand platforms," said Chet Norsworth, Senior VP Marketing Strategy Analyst Manager at World Optimum Marketing Products, Inc. "Baseball is a game steeped in tradition, and what better way to pay homage to that tradition than to create and enforce a brand new tradition? Synergy."

Let's take a look at some of the finer elements of this fake uniform.

The cream-colored uniform represents Texas A&M's status as the "cream of the crop" in the SEC. Additionally, the new beveled seal is leveraged as the primary logo, embroidered on the left chest and the cap.

baeball beveled

Baseball joins football, basketball and many other Texas A&m sports that have bought-in on the ground floor on implementing the beveled number action items.

Peeling the onion back on the patriotic swag sublimated into the inside collar of the jersey reveals a subtle suggestion that Texas A&M hopes to make a deep run into the tournament, which goes into Memorial Day weekend. Also another word for this drapery is bunting, and bunting is winning.

The bubble pattern in the cleats is a tribute to Texas A&M's student fanbase, who have the opportunity to take ownership of these uniforms and all they represent when they blow bubbles every time the team hits a home run.

Already these uniforms have created quite a buzz in the rumor mill about other branding opportunities that Adidas has in store for Texas A&M. Most notably, social media is eagerly awaiting a sneak peek at the supposed Texas A&M - Whataburger cross-promotional uniforms that may be unveiled for the football season opener against Arizona State University.