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Daily Bull 4.5.15


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DOUBLE HEADER IN KENTUCKY. Aggies sweep their "who knows when we'll play baseball" series with UK. Ags had #alltheWammies with Nick Banks, JB Moss hitting homers in the second game and Mitchell Nau getting them in both games. Kentucky's morale got down in the second game when everyone but presumably the player's mothers (well some of them) left when basketball came on, which lets you know that basketball is evil and we should watch AND AIR BASEBALL. You're on notice, sports networks for not covering the second game. What is this? Last year? Psh. If you ever do want old fashion real time baseball reporting on twitter, follow staff favorite @AggieScorebook.

DOUBLE DOUBLE HEADER. Well, 75% of double header games is okay I guess. The Aggie Softball team lost their first game 4-5 with Georgia Tech keeping the Ags at bay up until the 9th. However, they turned the corner int he second game with a shutout 11-0 to win the series. I think if you average the two scores, we won both games. Oh, it doesn't work that way? Darn. Ags are back on the field Tuesday against UTSA.

So it's Easter and I'm going to let you know that it's my favorite holiday. It's like Christmas and Halloween but with none of the societal pressures that both of those holidays have. It's great. There's chocolate, and hard-boiled eggs, and Jesus, and bunnies, and ducks, and chicks, and chocolate versions of all of those (mmm chocolate Jesus). But in the spirit of the holiday, I have left Aggie Easter eggs all over this article that will make your Aggie heart feel good after your cholesterol skyrockets after today.