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Mike Evans Top Plays #1

We are counting down Mike Evans' top plays with Aggieland Outfitters. Our #1 play is this leaping grab over an Ole Miss defender on 3rd and 19.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Aggies are down by 10 points in their first SEC road game. There are under 8 minutes to play and they are backed up against their own goal line facing 3rd and 19. It all seems pretty hopeless. Then Johnny Manziel heaves a pass up for grabs and Mike Evans somehow hauls it on over an Ole Miss defender who has position. The Aggies score a touchdown two plays later and ultimately win the game. Without this catch, Johnny doesn't win the Heisman and the Aggies do not get off to such a fast start in the SEC.

Important Update on Mike Evans Signing

Due to scheduling conflict, Aggieland Outfitters' signing event for Mike Evans will be rescheduled. If you won one of our ticket giveaways, AO will contact you when the new date is secured. You can also email us with any questions.