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Munch Madness: Scrumptious 16, Part 1

The final 16 are set and voting takes place today and tomorrow to determine the top 8 restaurants in Bryan-College Station.

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Update: Click here to vote in the next round.

We've rounded out our Scrumptious 16 with our North Region results. #3 Mickey's Sliders held a narrow margin over #11 Atami Steak and Sushi all of yesterday and closed the door this morning. The #1 and #2 seeds Fargo's and Grub Burger won comfortably while Shipwreck Grill claimed the seafood battle over Fish Daddy's. Congratulations to all of the restaurants who've survived to see the Scrumptious 16. You'll all receive a flashy GBH Munch Madness sticker to reflect your final result along with some stats about your performance.

Updated Bracket PDF

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North Region: Round 2 Results

Voting is optional for each matchup, so percentages may not equal 100%.

GBH Food North Rd 2

Scrumptious 16: South and East

GBH Food Bracket 16 South East

The first two rounds of Munch Madness were, for the most part, dominated by higher seeds. That means we'll see some incredible battles as we move toward determining the best restaurant in Bryan-College Station. GBH contributor gigthem08 wrote the original Munch Madness thinkpiece once the field was announced. I invited him back to break down each half of the bracket for the Scrumptious 16. Here we go...

Wait, it's that same guy? Didn't everybody hate his bracket? Why should we listen to him?

In order: Yes, yes, and because this is the internet.

If everybody let unimportant drivel like "track record of being correct in the past" and "knowledge of the subject" stop them from writing, the internet would be a boring and lonely place. And the bottom of The Tailgate would have a decidedly Chip-Brown-sized hole every week.

But the backlash from various brackets posted to twitter and the follow-up commentary associated with each day's results has made one thing abundantly clear: this is serious business.

I said it somewhat tongue-in-cheek during my overall analysis of the field, but it turns out I was horrifyingly accurate. So, what does this website do when confronted with serious business? We take it seriously.

Without further ado, here's part two of the Critical Examination of Munch Madness. Today, we tackle the left half of the bracket. And we begin with the south.


The South: Semifinal #1 - Layne's vs. Torchy's

Full Name: Layne's Chicken Fingers (#1 seed)

Motto: Soon to be famous Chicken Fingers

Road to the Scrumptious 16: W - #16 Potbellys (87% of the vote); W - #8 Potato Shack (82% of the vote)

Strengths: The original chicken finger institution on Chicken Finger Row. Nobody actually calls it Chicken Finger Row, but somehow that was almost a thing. Imagine the indignity. Side note: They have been absolutely destroying fools.

Weaknesses: Comic Sans? Really?


Full Name: Torchy's Tacos (#4 seed)

Motto: Damn Good Tacos

Road to the Scrumptious 16: W - #13 Remnant Nawlins (87% of the vote); W - #5 Chick-fil-A (56% of the vote)

Strengths: The newest game in town. Battle-tested after surviving a scare against Chick-fil-A. Excellent tacos that are pretty dang cheap and some of the best queso I've ever had.

Weaknesses: If you want food from this establishment, you need to prepare accordingly. One does not simply walk in to the CS Torchy's. Bring a book, an emergency container of gasoline, and perhaps a canteen. Also they cursed in their motto and cursing is the worst.


The South: Semifinal #2 - Koppe Bridge vs. Hullabaloo

Full Name: Koppe Bridge Bar & Grill (#2 seed)

Motto: The Best Big Burger in Town

Road to the Scrumptious 16: W - #15 Hungry Howie's (83% of the vote); W - #7 Doubledaves (74% of the vote)

Strengths: Proven to be an effective destroyer of pizza through the first two rounds. Has a stranglehold on the "Best of the Brazos" burger category that would make KU basketball and the Big XII blush (16 straight years). My go-to place after witnessing a rough A&M loss in person, which is the highest compliment I can pay to any CS-based food establishment.

Weaknesses: I am incapable of saying anything negative about this place.


Full Name: Hullabaloo Diner (#3 seed)

Motto: N/A

Road to the Scrumptious 16: W - #14 Jason's Deli (82% of the vote); W - #6 Harvey Washbangers (71% of the vote)

Strengths: They skated through a rather easy draw, but no matter... it's all about food. The portion sizes are comically large and the food is great, but there's literally nothing else to the place. It's just food. Amazing, amazing, food.

Weaknesses: Possibly the toughest location to get to if you're starting from campus. No online presence, but some would call that a plus. I will give five GBH dollars to anyone who walks into this place and tries to explain Munch Madness.


The East: Semifinal #1 - Wings 'N More vs. Whataburger

Full Name: Wings 'N More (#9 seed)

Motto: Great Wings 'N So Much More

Road to the Scrumptious 16: W - #8 Kolache Rolf's (68% of the vote); W - #1 Christopher's (53% of the vote)

Strengths: Fears no CS-based eating establishment. Has not had a chance to dust off the home uni's traditionally worn by favorites, but no matter. They appear destined to fly out of this region scot-free.

Weaknesses: What starts as a nice evening out with friends at a wing place might end up #turnt, as Everclear can allegedly find its way into the margaritas on the University location. Allegedly. (Ok, we confirmed that this isn't true. Thanks, Greg D.) Plan your evening accordingly. Who am I kidding, this is also a strength.


Full Name: Whataburger (#4 seed)

Motto: Just like you like it

Road to the Scrumptious 16: W - #13 Luigi's (81% of the vote); W - #5 Veritas (72% of the vote)

Strengths: Well, well, well... the food of the common man has yet again dispatched of the bourgeois. For my money, it's the best burger in the South that you can get quickly, but it remains to be seen just how far that can take them. Probably one of the reasons I will never move north of the Mason-Dixon.

Weaknesses: It's damn good fast food.... but at its core, it's still fast food. I can't shake the feeling that the popular company with a maroon stripe on the roof will eventually be outmatched.


The East: Semifinal #2 - C&J vs. The Republic

Full Name: The Republic Steakhouse (#2 seed)

Motto: Steak. Wine. Whiskey.

Road to the Scrumptious 16: W - #15 Smitty K's (79% of the vote); W - #7 Ozona (63% of the vote)

Strengths: Another high seed that hasn't really gotten their hands dirty... the uber-favorite who cruised through the first weekend with enough wiggle room to give the bench plenty of playing time. Everyone loves watching the scrubs play. Look at them go. They try so hard. Oh, and if The Republic Steakhouse loses to C&J barbecue I quit the internet. It is, without question, the best meal I have had in the B/CS area.

Weaknesses: It costs a lot of money, as really nice steakhouses tend to do. But this isn't called Value Madness. Flavor should rule the day.


Full Name: C&J Barbecue (#3 seed)

Motto: Come and git it

Road to the Scrumptious 16: W - #14 Flip & Peel (79% of the vote); W - #6 Rudy's (54% of the vote)

Strengths: According to their website, "for 11 years in a row C&J has been honored with the "Best of the Brazos" award for Barbeque Restaurant." Clearly, they have a loyal fan base. A fan base who, if they notch this win, should all quit their jobs and become DC lobbyists or something because they can clearly convince anybody of anything.

Weaknesses: Their website automatically starts playing music, which is a thing I don't love. Another thing I don't love: their BBQ. But that's just one man's opinion.


Stay tuned, ladies and gents. Tomorrow, I break down the other half of the bracket.

Scrumptious 16 South/East Voting

If you don't see the voting form below, click this link to vote.

Update: Click here to vote in the next round.