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Daily Bull 4.24.15

"because bitches like you is bad for my health" - Ice Cube

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


DEMS DE BEISBOL BREAKS. The fellas dropped a nailbiter last night in Baton Rouge 4-3. The atmosphere was about as good as it gets for college ball and the top two teams held up their end of the bargain. The Ags tied things up in the top half of the 9th before the Tigers won with a walk-off chopper down the 3rd base line. The good news? It's baseball and we get another shot today.

THE AIR RAID HAS EVOLVED BECAUSE JOHNNY. This is a very cool piece on the offense our dear ol' Sumlin & Co. run. It breaks down what Johnny Manziel meant for the Air Raid and how things continue to develop. Dear god I'm ready for football season.

LORDY IS CROOTIN' CREEPY. Look at these awful photoshops. Look at 'em. This is what institutions of higher learning are sending to coveted recruits in hopes of a commitment. Makes a bag of cash almost seem quaint.

Now, to our talented 'shoppers, I ask you to make a Marilyn Monroe pro-Ag shop for 'croots. Have at it, knuckleheads.

BEAT ARMY. The A&M football team went through some Navy SEAL training at Lake Bryan. NICE. Give 'em hell, men.

Have a helluva weekend, you guys. Just over four months until footbaw.