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Munch Madness: Round 2 (West Region Voting, South Region Results)

We're trucking along through the Round-of-32 and the favorites continue to dominate the bracket for Best Restaurant in Bryan-College Station.

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Update: Click here to vote in the next round.

One, two, three, four. All chalk advances to the Scrumptious 16 in the South Region. Chick-fil-A fell to newcomer Torchy's Tacos and the other three matches weren't close. Now we'll find out what the West has in store. Will Chicken Oil Co. vs. Dixie Chicken become the most awkward matchup of the tournament or can Amico Nave or Blackwater Draw unseat the favorites?

Updated Bracket PDF

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South Region: Round 2 Results

GBH Food Round 2 south

West Region: Round 2

GBH Food Bracket West Round 2

I see some interesting matchups in the West Region to determine who will make the Top 16. Every restaurant in the "Scrumptious 16" earns an official GBH Munch Madness sticker. No pressure. Some of the restaurants in this region are veritable A&M traditions while others are newcomers serving up seriously good food. You'll decide their fate and Aggieland board members have weighed in...

1 Chicken Oil Co. (3600 S College Ave)

The Good: Thumbs up for Chicken Oil Co. as the best burger/cheese fries place in BCS! - clinte234

The Bad: Are you kidding me? Chicken Oil is barely top 10 in this town alone. Anyone can unfreeze a patty and put it on generic bread. - mazag08

8 Amico Nave (203 E Villa Maria Rd)

The Good: 10 Thumbs Up to Amico Nave. The Food was on Fire tonight, Folks if you have Not Been yet, Give it a shot. I'm so Fulllllllll!! - TheAlarmGuy

The Bad: It was so loud in there the last time we went it was almost uncomfortable. Group seated at elevated table sounded like they were amplified. Lots of plaster in there, really needs an acoustical ceiling. - oldag76

5 Dixie Chicken (307 University Dr)

The Good: I am eating in the first place I ate when I first arrived, Dixie Chicken burger with Fries and a Pitcher of Shiner..... Symmetry. - BeenSent

The Bad: Last few times I went to Dixie Chicken the pitcher beer was barely cool.Not very good. - bigdog1

13 Blackwater Draw (303 Boyett St)

The Good: Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. has a guy making some pretty cool creme brulee. There has been a kiwi one and a blackberry flavored one. - DrinkerX

The Bad: Blackwater Draw is in one of those "uh-oh" locations. Robert Keen's old front porch - Carnwellag2

6 Antonio's Pizza (104 College Main)

The Good: you really cant beat a slice from Antonios after a night at Northgate. - victory

The Bad: I'd like to see pizza with an even remotely non-soggy crust in this town. Antonios needs some competition. - acp46

3 Fuego (108 Poplar St)

The Good: Fuego is part of a balanced diet, IMO. One in each hand keeps my balance steady... - Oogway

The Bad: Newspaper mentioned they'll be switching to liquid eggs instead of whole eggs. Gross. - PS3D

7 Jin's Asian Cafe (110 Nagle St)

The Good: there is Jin's asian on northgate that has a few thai dishes such as Pad Thai, I love it there, best I have had - outlaw08

The Bad: Jin's has a location in Northgate already, but it isn't as good as the T-Jins - AggieAces06

2 Freebirds (319 University Dr)

The Good: I always eat at the Freebirds at Northgate and it is always good. Even though it is out of my way, I go to that one! - 2busybee

The Bad: Heck no, Freebirds encourages out of the ordinary appearance from its employees. There was a kid working there last time I went that looked like he had a spinner bait stuck in his lip. - AggieBB

Remember that I haphazardly picked comments from TexAgs so make your decisions based on your own experiences.

West Region Round 2 Voting

Update: Click here to vote in the next round.