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Munch Madness: Round 2 (South Region Voting)

We made it to the Round-of-32. Congratulations to all restaurants that advanced past the first round.

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Update: Click here to vote in the next round.

Things now intensify as the biggest names in Bryan-College Station go head-to-head in the second round of Munch Madness. We closed out the opening round in the North region where we had just one upset, #11 Atami Steak & Sushi over #6 Cotton Patch. The voting between #3 Mickey's Sliders and #14 BJ's came down to the wire with Mickey's earning a slight edge. Overall, we only had THREE upsets in the round-of-64 with favorites going  29-3. You may praise my bracketing in the comments section.

Here is an approximate voting schedule for the remainder of Munch Madness:

Round of 32: 4/22, 4/23, 4/24, & 4/27

Scrumptious 16: 4/28 & 4/29

Exquisite Eight: 4/30 & 5/1

Flavorful Four: 5/4

Championship: 5/5

Winner Announced: 5/6

View or Download the updated full bracket below.

Updated Bracket PDF

Click here to visit our StoryStream to view previous rounds and comments.

North Region: Round 1 Results

GBH Food Bracket North Rd1

South Region: Round 2

GBH Food Bracket round of 32

We are going to miss Greg D. from Yelp in the Round-of-32 but we used his best/worst material in the First Round. You can read more about Greg D. here. Maybe we'll cook up something with Greg D. later in the tournament, but for now we turn our eyes to the most vocal critics of Bryan-College Station restaurants we could find... The Aggieland message board (aka MyBCS). We hand-picked posts so these excerpts are for entertainment purposes only. I'm not sure what else you would use them for.

1 Layne's (106 Walton Dr)

The Good: Layne's is not just about the chicken, it is about the sauce. That stuff is amazing, I actually gave some as a wedding present to a friend who had moved away after he graduated; he said it was the best present they got. He cried he was so happy. - GreenGuy

The Bad: I think the chicken strips have a very STRANGE resemblance to FISH...YUCKY! - Leslie

8 The Potato Shack (3011 Church Street)

The Good: MMMM, the mexican potato is my favorite. Getting heartburn just thinking about it. - carpe vinum

The Bad: Worst Commercials? the Potato Shack commercial with the off key singing - gutmancometh (ed. note: please post if you can find the commercial)

5 Chick-fil-A (1719 Texas Ave. S.)

The Good: It started pouring while we were in there. When we got ready to leave, there were employees with umbrellas at both doors walking people out to their cars. How's that for service!!!!!! - iisanaggie

The Bad: If only they would put some of that energy into getting my drive-through order correct, I'd be happy, too. The last two times we've gone through the drive-thru, they've "(@*&ed us in the drive through" - once we didn't get all we paid for and once we got some nasty chicken salad rather than potato salad. - meezermom

4 Torchy's Tacos (1037 Texas Ave South)

The Good: Finally tried it and it was awesome! The queso, fried avocado taco, and torchy tini created one of the best meals I'd had in a while. When you choose a corn tortilla, they give you two, so I just split the filling for two tacos for a super delish two taco experience. - PrincessButtercup

The Bad: Like I care, Greg D is a piece of **** and can have his "FTR" I thoroughly enjoyed giving that mouth breather a week of forehead-vein-popping conniptions. - Wildmen03 (yes, from an amazing Torchy's thread)

6 Harvey Washbangers (1802 Texas Ave S)

The Good: Been going there for over 10 years now. I remember when their wings were a quarter and pitchers were 3 bucks. We would go every monday after softball. Same great food to this day. - ag_03_aj

The Bad: Well, they went next door. Not five or ten minutes pass, and an ambulance pulls up next to Harvey Washbanger's! Later I found out that the guy had "burned his intestines." Whoa! The very guy who had been in my shop. So caution: those wing challenge wings are dang hot! - Jess Fields

3 Hullabaloo Diner (15045 Fm 2154 Rd)

The Good: Their pizza is the best in town, IMO. After 5pm only, Wed-Sat. I really miss the pizza since I gave up eating wheat. - rock the good ag 90'

The Bad: I asked when they stopped using real plates and glasses and the server said about six months ago. It has to be more expensive to use disposables. I am not an environmentalists but WOW that is a bunch of styrofoam and plastic going in the garbage every day. - mgreen

7 DoubleDave's (1410 Texas Ave S)

The Good: When we do DoubleDave's, we order specialty double pepperoni rolls -- VERY tasty and not skimpy on pepperoni... give them a try. - BREwmaster

The Bad: The wife and I used to love the buffet, but one lunch we had to eat and watch 3 workers burn a pizza. Not a problem of course, just throw it away. A few seconds later they dig it out of the trash which is bad because they are the ones touching my food. I then had to watch them punch and karate chop it like a bunch of 5 year olds. - BCStalk

2 Koppe Bridge (11777 Fm 2154 Rd)

The Good: Love the burgers at Koppe Bridge. I'm also a fan of the fries. Also, in my opinion, they have the best hot wings around. - A Net Full of Jello

The Bad: The beer choices at KB stink. They all stink. If not liking Bud Light/Coors Light/Miller Lite on draft makes me a beer snob, so be it. - Tradishun

I know, pretty tame after the musings of Greg D. but I'll try to dig out some good ones for the remainder of Round 2.

South Region Round 2 Voting

Update: Click here to vote in the next round.