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Munch Madness: Round 1 (East Region Voting, West Region Results)

Looks like Greg D. has a case of the Mondays. Let's continue our Bryan-College Station Munch Madness bracket by looking at the West Region results and voting on the East.

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Update: Click here to vote in the next round!

We have our first upset of Munch Madness with 13 Blackwater Draw edging out 4 Cafe Eccell in the West region. BWD embraced the competition with a social media push and a custom-drawn Munch Madness sign in the restaurant.

I have now correctly seeded 15/16 teams, so you can officially label me a food bracketologist. View or Download the updated full bracket below.

Updated Bracket PDF

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West Region Results

West rd 64 results

East Region Background

GBH Food Bracket East

The East Region is very meaty with lots of steak and BBQ joints in the field. There's also a diversity of locally-owned restaurants and chains here. No one is getting a walk in this region with Wings 'N More as a 9-seed! Let's calibrate our expectations for each restaurant by checking in with Greg D. who Yelp refuses to give Elite status because they don't want him to attend their events.

1 Christopher's (5001 Booneville Rd): In summary, my friend and I were told "You are not dressed in accordance with the uniform pattern of our patrons." Or some jack ass arrogant statement like that. My friend pulled his Houston Police badge out and we were seated.

16 Saltgrass (4330 State Hwy 6 S):  I don't detect anything special about the food as it's the same I have tasted at every other Salt Grass. And what is Salt Grass anyway? Doesn't sound particularly appealing. Yet true to name, yes it most certainly does have a lot of salt in it. I need some more water.

8 Kolache Rolf's (2307 A Texas Ave S): Someone needs to open a place in this shopping center or nearby that's actually a good value for breakfast cause this sure ain't. Only other places are McDonalds and Jack in the Crack.

9 Wings 'N More (1511 University Dr E): (ed. note: REDACTED original review from Greg D. after Wings 'N More informed us that they do not use Everclear in their margaritas. Thanks for getting us in trouble, Greg D.)

5 Veritas (830 University Dr E): CONGRATULATIONS TO CHEF TAI! You sir, were able to teach me that I can love a food I hate. I appreciate it very much. I HATE carrots! But this was one of the best soups I have ever tasted and you educated me that carrots can be prepared in a way I love.

12 Carney's (3410 S College Ave): Stopped by Carney's recently to try a cask / rare local beer, Black Crack from Southern Star Brewing in Houston, after learning of it from a beer 101 class with New Republic Brewing & Southern Star at Twin Liquors. Outstanding selection of local crafts on draft, now most certainly a local fresh beer lovers destination.

4 Whataburger (105 Dominik): Most certainly the worst food ever what a Whataburger. Ordered the Avocado Bacon Burger and it came out cold and falling apart. Horrible rip of of $6. Water as also disgusting as it's College Station tap water that sucks worse than anything in Texas, and they obviously do not even bother to filter it.

13 Luigi's (3975 SH-6 S Ste 100): The reason I give three stars is due to the fact that the owner was there and played an instrument with the band. The cool live music made up for the boring overpriced "Italian".

6 Rudy's Bar-B-Q (504 Harvey Rd): So if it's true that they have been using a High Fructose based Sysco BBQ sauce liquid since the beginning, then they have been desecrating BBQ since they started. This is not BBQ. Sorry, I just can't go along with it and refuse to participate in a charade. I can honestly say that I won't be eating here again even if it were offered free.

11 Shiraz Shish Kabob (110 Dominik Dr): The inside is very clean with new tiles and tables and the have a good variety of Shish Kabobs on display, from ground beef to chicken to lamb. Nice water fountain inside.

3 C&J Barbeque (4304 Harvey Rd): There's this interesting sign above the counter that says that they were voted the "Best BBQ in Brazos Valley" by the "Brazos Valley Restaurant Survey Readers Choice Awards", whatever that is. I'm going to have to remember that long name as whomever has been voting on BBQ obviously doesn't know what it is and I certainly would not follow their advice at any time in the future.

14 Flip & Peel (Post Oak Mall Food Ct): Upgraded a double bacon cheeseburger to the jalapeno cheese bread for .49. The other bun isn't bad at all but this was a pleasant surprise as an option. Burgers were most excellent as always.


10 Chef Cao's (404 University Dr E): The Health Department score of 78 was a little scary but it seems at least in Texas, Health Departments always seem to be harder on Asian restaurants.

2 The Republic (701 University Dr E Ste 406): Without a doubt the best Steakhouse in College Station. We recently ran into President George H. W. Bush & First Lady Barbara Bush as they were arriving for dinner. Yes, this steak is preferred by Presidents. It's a true fact.

15 Smitty K's (12601 State Hwy 30): Smitty K's is a great new place to eat in Aggieland. A tad off the beaten path, innovative and really excellent food. Beer is way too expensive, they hate Yelp as much as I do, and I think they have a great thing going.

Greg D's opinions do not reflect those of GBH or sane humans beings, so please check out all of these restaurants for yourself.

Update: Click here to vote in the next round!