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Daily Bull 4.2.15

April 2nd is the best day of the year because it's the furthest from the next April Fool's.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

BUSINESS. BRAND. VIRAL. #CONTENT. Yesterday was dumb fun, no? GBH made the most of it with some Lady Rev lulz. We've got a couple sets of GBH groupies:

  1. Twitterers. PROS: usually good for laughs and obscure inside humour. CONS: they LOVE coach firing mobs. Also, they think any taek with proper grammar and subject/verb agreement is a good taek.
  2. Facebookers: PROS: vast in number and completely devoid of self-awareness. This makes it funny. CONS: Aggies in general take things very seriously and literally. This group is more literal than that.

COMPOUNDING ANNUALIZED INTEREST OF BOWLS. Burghs like Tucson, Austin, and the like are lobbying for bowl games. And why the hell not? Rally dumb national sponsors and big swangin' dick local sponsors and make a party out of it. Plus, don't have to pay the labor. Free lappers for everyone! What would happen if we added four bowl games each year forever? Jason Kirk examines.

I have no qualms whatsoever in adding more bowls. I'm basically a gambling addict and I think the jokes on Twitter during obscure football games are the best. It's bliss.

BEISBOL NUMERO UNO. The baseball fellas are in Lexington with the big No. 1 bulls-eye on their back. You can catch all games on the tube. The SEC Network is sublime.

Thursday, April 2nd | 6 PM | SEC Network
Friday, April 3rd | 6 PM | SEC Network
Saturday, April 4th | 12 PM | SEC Network

Gig 'em, long ballers.