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Munch Madness: Round 1 (West Region Voting, South Region Results)

Now we're getting to the main course of the Best Restaurant in Bryan-College Station bracket with South Region results and a chance to vote for the West Region.

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Update: Click here to vote in the next round.

Chalk, chalk, chalk! The top 8 seeds advanced in the South Region. I am interpreting this as an affirmation of my seeding expertise. The only contest that was even close was the 8-9 matchup between The Potato Shack and Raising Cane's. View and/or download the updated Bracket below.

Updated Bracket PDF

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South Region Results

South results Rd 1 GBH

West Region Background

West Region Bracket GBH Food

Some are calling this the Applebee's region in an attempt to dimish its competitors. I disagree and think you'll find some B/CS icons in the field with a strong Northgate presence. Antonio's Pizza as a 6-seed! This is not going to be an easy path for any eatery. Let's learn more about the best of the West from full-time Yelper Greg D.

1 Chicken Oil Co. (3600 S College Ave): The chicken fried steak was an interesting take. It was served laying on top of a huge bed of fries which made it very difficult to begin to eat. You can't knife something well without a solid surface, but I quickly discovered that not only did they not give me a steak knife, you would actually cut the steak with a fork, all while it was laying on top of a bunch of fries. Interesting plating there.

16 Applebee's (200 Texas Ave S): The Brazos Valley Health Department yanked the food service permit of this Applebees this week and it was closed for a day after live roaches were found in the kitchen.

8 Amico Nave (203 E Villa Maria Rd): My wife and I were very happy with our dinner and service tonight, felt it was a tad overpriced at $53 after tip, but no one forced us to order a $5 beer or an appetizer we didn't need to be full and at $30 as it would have been it's well worth it for a very nice, unique cozy and fun dinner for two. (Psst. Great place to take a date guys!)

9 Cenare (404 University Dr E Ste X): It's been difficult for me to keep up with the names of this musical chairs like location where Mr. G's went out of business, Cenare was at Benjamin Knox until he opened Wine Gallery, sold Cenare or whatever, then it turned into Terrazzo, Mr.s G's magically opened again. Sheesh.

5 Dixie Chicken (307 University Dr): Dixie Chicken is operated by a local company that also owns Dixie Oil and some bars. It apparently used to be a place where graduating students would drop their Texas A&M ring upon graduation, into a pitcher of beer and then drink the whole thing risking alcohol poisoning in front of their parents and friends and family. It's obviously not an A&M Tradition yet one of white trash.

12 Los Cucos (1521 Texas Ave S): This is one of the better Mexican restaurants in College Station, quite large with a nice atmosphere and it's always packed with Aggies. Kid friendly, nice Margaritas and quite a large menu.

4 Cafe Eccell (4401 S Texas Ave): There's only one person on the face of this planet that would have ever had a chance to save this restaurant. That is Gordon Ramsay. And unless he's going to arrive tomorrow Cafe Eccell by all rights should be over and done with.

13 Blackwater Draw (303 Boyett St): The Chicken fried steak plate was insanely excellent along with all the craft brew. It should serve as no secret, Blackwater Draw is my favorite business in Aggieland and taking my Sister-in-law from Tokyo there proved it. She said there is nothing like it in Tokyo.

6 Antonio's Pizza (104 College Main): I'm surprised to be saying that I think this pizza joint is worth travel to, even if from Houston or Austin... The crust they are turning out obviously comes from a cleaner than tap water supply and that's the perfect palate for an ever changing experimental pizza.

11 Sbisa (North side of Texas A&M Campus): An economically sustainable massive buffet, supporting local Texas food companies like Blue Bell Ice Cream, Scarmardos produce, etc., my wife and I have to suggest this to any and all.

3 Fuego (108 Poplar St): The flesh of an avocado is way, way, way cheaper than steak. So this taco is deceptive by pointing the focus on what you get as opposed to what you ordered (steak). Smoke and mirrors in tacos, and busted. As most of us hopefully know, food labeling requires the main ingredient to be listed first. The "King" taco lists steak first and it's only a notion. Not cool.

14 Lupe Tortilla (813 Texas Ave S): Lupe Tortilla is a chain with nothing exciting going on, just another fast food place that has more parking than Fuego and/or Fowl Digits. Hey College Station needs another Tex-Mex stop right? Wrong.

7 Jin's Asian Cafe (110 Nagle St): So a fire truck passed me. And then another one, then another one. Yes I pulled over and stopped all three times. There were flames oh maybe 30 feet high coming out of the roof and it burned that ugly faded canopy off. It looked like the roof of Lippman's Music was also on fire.

10 Napa Flats (2008 S Texas Ave): In a nutshell my wife and I shared the pork ribs and a white pizza a few days ago. What turned me off on the menu was that the pizza had something called "tomatoes" and those do not exist in the US food chain aside from some rare heirlooms. Red orbs called "Tomatoes" today are merely GMO replicas or a "notion" of what once was, designed for thick skin and shipping with no flavor.

2 Freebirds (319 University Dr): I ordered a beef steak taco on flour, and the guy asked me if that was all I was getting. With my answer "yes please" I got totally skimpy meat. Like 3-4 tiny chunks that was pretty much insulting. Taco tasted okay, but considering the tight-wad portion (even if it was free), I can only give 2 stars as I have had better.

15 Smashburger (233 Houston St): SOMEONE CHECK ON GREG D. HE DID NOT REVIEW THIS.

Remember that Greg D's opinions do not reflect reality most of the time. Now it's time to vote! Be sure to leave your comments below and share the link with the restaurants involved and your friends.

Update: Click here to vote in the next round.