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MUNCH MADNESS: Bracket of Best Food in Bryan-College Station

Howdy and Welcome. My name is Gary and I'll be taking care of you this offseason.

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Update: Click here to vote in the next round!

We want to find the best restaurant in Bryan-College Station using science and worn out internet techniques. I have carefully selected and seeded the 64 best restaurants in the B/CS area using your feedback and RPI (recklessly picked items). If the restaurant you own or really like did not make the field-of-64, you can look forward to the NIT-equivalent "Best of the Brazos." We'll vote on the play-in restaurants RIGHT NOWWWW after you read some more.

Now, below you will see the pristine starter bracket with all of the first round match-ups. Which region looks the toughest? Anyway, click on THIS PDF LINK for a full-sized printable bracket. You can take it to work and hide it in your desk so no one knows what you do all day. Work up a good squint and take a look at the bracket, complain in the comments section, and then vote for the play-in games below the bracket. Then share it on social media #branding

Thanks to TCU site Frogs O' War for the inspiration.

Food Bracket Rd1

Play-In Background

Here's a little more info on our play-in contenders from Greg D. on Yelp who has reviewed every restaurant in the world.

Panda Express: It's kinda sad that the busiest restaurant on Campus is this new Panda Express inside the Memorial Student Center lower level. I'm listing it as fast food cause it sure ain't Chinese.

Potbelly: So by ordering a "Bigs" with double meat, cut in half, my wife an I shared lunch for just under $6. And we were full. It was a correct portion for 2 people.

Olive Garden: "I've experienced better" is probably the best way to describe this place.

Jesse's Taqueria: The beef steak was cooked perfectly and was succulent in an absolutely amazing flour tortilla, obviously made there as there's nothing else like it in this part of Texas.

Duncan Dining Hall: Friday evening my wife Hiroko and I were seated as invited guests for dinner by the Texas A & M Corps of Cadets. Talk about an elite invitation!

Sbisa: I was extremely impressed by the fruit bar today with fresh strawberries, pineapples, watermelon, cantaloupe, dew-melon... And here's one thing that blew my mind... They had an extremely rare world class delicacy that ranks up there on the levels of fine caviar and truffles... Pecos Sweet Cantaloupe. Google that. We got our monies worth as we always do here.

Boneheads: Boneheads in not 5 star cuisine. But in this community it holds a unique place and we like it.

Shiraz Shish Kabob: I am most certainly not an expert on Middle Eastern / Persian or Eastern European food, but the staff was friendly, appears to be family owned and operated, food quality and service was excellent and I think we will go back again.

I'm serious about the same guy writing every review.

Update: Click here to vote in the next round!