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Texas A&M-Texas Rivalry: Renewed in Baseball, Rumblings in Football

The Aggie and Longhorn head coaches want to see the football rivalry return.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Sumlin and Charlie Strong both expressed interest in renewing the football rivalry, according to ESPN's Chris Low.

"That game is so much a part of this state... Over 100 years, we've played that game. Why stop it now because we're in different conferences? At some point, when it's right for everybody with the different schedules, I would love to play Texas A&M again." - Charlie Strong

Now, moving into Year 4 and listening to our former students and our alumni base and knowing a lot of Texas alums, it's important that we play again. - Kevin Sumlin

The Texas A&M-Texas rivalry began in 1894.

This report follows a recent announcement that Texas A&M and Texas will play again in baseball. The teams intend to play Tuesday night games in College Station in 2016 and Austin in 2017.

So how soon can we expect to see the football rivalry renewed?

"I think it will happen somewhere down the road. The tough part for both parties, when we moved, was scheduling. The first two years we scrambled just to get anybody to play, and the SEC hadn't solidified their schedule until last year. We were at the mercy of whoever would play us." - Kevin Sumlin

"Let me win some games first. Then I can push it. I don't know if I want to go walking into College Station right now." - Charlie Strong

Oh. Alright then.