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Top 5 Moments from Charlie Strong's Deposition

These are some highlights from Strong's sworn testimony in the Oklahoma State vs. Joe Wickline lawsuit.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Strong provided sworn testimony as part of a lawsuit between Oklahoma State and Longhorns' offensive line coach Joe Wickline. The Texas Longhorns claim that Wickline shares offensive coordinator duties with Shawn Watson which would get him off the hook for a $600,000 buyout owed to OSU. The AP and Austin-American Statesman obtained copies of the testimony through an Open Records Request.

I've selected my top 5 moments from Charlie Strong's deposition. Blame the stenographer for typos and misspellings.

  1. Forgetting his QB's name

    Q. Who are your current quarterback on your -- on your team right now?
    A. Swoops.

    Q. What's his -- what's his first name?
    A. He goes by Swoops. Jarrod Heard. What's my man's first name? I -- done went blank on me.

    Q. That happens to me. I call them senior moments. We're getting up there.
    A. I know it.

    Q. I didn't look, but is Ty --
    A. Tyrone Swoops.

    Q. All right.
  2. Not knowing his zip code

    Q. Mr. Strong, where do you reside?
    A. Austin, Texas.

    Q. Do you have a street address?
    A.(Address deleted from the record by agreement)

    Q. That's here in Austin?

    Q. And what's the zip code?
    A.You got me.

    Q. Do you know the zip code?
    A. No, I don't.
  3. Being questioned on the Honesty core value

    Q. When you came to the University of Texas, you -- you came -- brought with you a -- five core principles for your team; is that correct?
    A. Yes.

    Q. The first of those was honesty, correct?
    A. Yes.

    Q. And that's absolute honesty, correct?
    A. Yes.

    Q. That means telling the truth even when it's -- it's contrary to your best interest, correct?
    A. Yes.
  4. Forgetting that Arkansas bowl game

    Q. Okay. Arkansas game, ran 43 plays. How many of those did -- were -- was Joe Wickline responsible for?
    A. Bad day.

    Q. Not much offensive production that day.
    A. 43 plays. Not much at all.

    Q. A lot of offensive -- I mean, a lot of running plays that game, weren't there?
    A. I don't know.

    Q. So did Joe call most of the plays on that day?
    A. I don't remember. It was an awful day. It's -- I don't want to remember that game we were so bad.

    Q. Between your two guys calling offensive plays that day, who called more of them, Joe or Shawn?
    A. I don't know that.
  5. Objecting to being flattered

    Q. Now, I assume when you -- you got the job offer at the University of Texas you were quite flattered. Is that accurate?
    A. Me being flattered?

    Q. Yes.
    A. I wouldn't say I was flattered.

    Q. Well, you would agree with me, wouldn't you, that the University of Texas is probably regarded as a top-ten collegiate coaching destination, wouldn't you?
    A. I mean, but -- what -- I feel like I'm qualified to be -- I mean, that's why I say I'm not flattered.

    Q. Well -- and -- and -- and I didn't -- I didn't mean that derogatory. In fact, I meant it to be -- I meant to praise you.
    A. Oh, okay. I'm sorry.

    Q. This is -- this -- the University of Texas, by most people's observations, would be a -- one of the elite coaching job opportunities in collegiate athletics, would you agree?
    A. It is the elite of the elitest.