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Daily Bull 3.5.15

"Well, after all these years of running 'round / Always flying high and falling down / I gotta get back to the way I was / Gonna turn it all 'round just because / And everybody's talking about the shape I'm in / They say, "Boy, you ain't a poet, just a drunk with a band" / All over and over, again and again / Lord, they don't know about the places I've been..." - Hayes Carll

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LET'S GO PRO IN SOMETHING SPORTS. It was Pro Day at the A&M football facilities yesterday. Creepy frumps who consider fine dining ketchup on a Friday's strip steak AKA NFL scouts were in town. Malcome Kennedy and Deshazor Everett both had big days after getting snubbed by the NFL Combine. Doesn't it seem like both these dudes could have 5-10 year NFL careers if put in the right situation? For example - apparently the Patriots have a lot of interest in Kennedy. That guy would straight OWN in that offense. Just running crisp routes and moving chainz.

COACH SUMS ADDRESSED THE JOURNOS. Coach fielded some questions at Pro Day. The man has poise.

HOUSTON BEISBOL CLASSICO. The Astros Baseball Classic commences tomorrow at Minute Maid Park. The Ags take on Nebraska at 3:30 PM and the game is being televised on Root Sports Southwest. Keep mashing, dudes.

"DIMES" AS THE HIPPITY HOP KIDS SAY. God it's good to see a football spinning.