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Daily Bull 3.26.15

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports


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IDGT - I DON'T GET TIRED. The boy is becoming a man and seems to be enjoying the ride. Here's a lil football fix to wet your beak in before another big weekend of hoops (not for the Ags). Kyle Allen seems awfully comfortable and confident these days for a true sophomore.

BONE UP ON YOUR FASHION, GANG. Our pal Jason Kirk tackles one of the most divisive topics among Ags - shorts. We have fellas like Fletcher who only wear $200 Japanese chambray fitted shorts. Then we have a swath of blog boys that carry around pallets of yak jerky and tablets in their cargo pockets.

Cargo shorts are horrible FWIW. Anyway, weigh your taek in the comments.

MORE DAMN-WORTHY NON-CON. Texas A&M and the University of Colorado are rekindling some old Big 12 hanging out and making out stuff in 2020-2021 with a football home-and-home.

This is good news. I'm a Colorado native and absolutely loathe this university. Smug, entitled. Too many Californians. Maybe even that rich, not-that-smart asshole from your Texas high school. Sound like any other school?

Anyway, this fanbase clings to 1989-1990 like it was yesterday while their program has slowly morphed into one of the biggest dead-end, coach-killing craters in major college football. Want to hang coked-up broskis named Tanner who like to shred the gnar at Vail? These are your fans. They also know next to nothing about football. They'll arrive late, harass the hell out of you, and leave early for the bongs and craft brew.

  • Rocket Ismail's touchdown was legit. Phantom clip.
  • Go Rams.
  • Gig 'em Ags forever and ever.