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Daily Bull 3.19.15

"When we dance together my world's in disguise / It's a fairyland tale that's come true / When you look at me girl with those stars in your eyes / I could waltz across Texas with you..." - Talmadge Tubb

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports


Part of the Official Sideline Collection from Adidas. Available in maroon, white, and black for $69.99

NON-NIT COLLEGE BASKETBALL AWWWW YEAH. Dancin' dancin' DANCIN'... Skip work. Screw off at work. You do you. Gamble money you don't have. Start slamming hooch at a chain sports bar at 10 AM whilst screaming at 19 year olds. THIS IS YOUR SHINING MOMENT. The mothership has your Tourney content:

5 Non-Kentucky Storylines. You need narratives. Here they are.

Breakout Players. Know these names.

HEY AN INFOGRAPHIC WE LIKE THOSE. Look, we know the GBH "readership" generally loathes reading. Here are your shiny pictures, you ADD-riddled scamps.

MISC. We wrote some Yelp reviews yesterday for Austin SXSW. They're stupid and delicious.

Baseball is off to Hoover this weekend to take on the Tide. First conference roadie. Give 'em hell, beisbol bambinos.

Have a helluva Thursday. Two of the finest non-college football days in sports are upon us.