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The Meltdown.

15 days ago, Texas A&M was 10-4 in the SEC and comfortably in the NCAA Tournament. And then it all fell apart.

It wasn't that long ago, right? We were confidently predicting wins against inferior opposition, looking forward to an SEC Tourney rematch with Kentucky, and picking apart Bracketology updates because we didn't like who we were paired against. Think about that. We were so comfortable in our tourney appearance that we were dissecting paths to the Sweet Sixteen.

Honestly, who could blame us? We were flying at 10-4 with two very winnable home games left, along with a road tilt at a Florida squad that had just lost to 1-13 Mizzou. We were in. It was happening. March Madness in Texas was back.

And then it wasn't. The Ags blew a home game against Bama, fell asleep for entire halves at Arkansas and Florida, and lost their SEC Tourney opener to #13 seed Auburn. Just like that, it was all over. In fifteen days that went by in the blink of an eye. So now, for the fourth consecutive year, our Fightin' Texas Aggie Hoops squad will not make the NCAA Tournament.


We'll be back with a more thorough season-in-review after the tournaments play themselves out... but in the meantime, I'm interested in one specific question (see poll)