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Daily Bull 3.12.15

"When they put those handcuffs on me, Lord how I fought to resist / But that agent clamped 'em tighter, 'til that metal bit into my wrist / They took my boots and my billfold, my fingerprints, and the profile of my face / Then they locked away the only hell my momma ever ever raised." - Johnny Paycheck

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BUBBLIN'. Man, the bubble for the NCAA Tourney makes for some good drama and fodder, don't it? Kinda makes you forget that these bubble teams have only two probable outcomes:

  1. WOOOOO! MADE THE BIG DANCE!..... [Season is over within days because of an entirely predictable first weekend exit. ] This is me walking into a swanky club. Initially pumped and amazed by all the glitz and beautiful girls. 5 minutes elapse in the first half, I realize I'm way out of my element, get chased to the exit, go home to cry, watch football highlights on YouTube until dawn.
  2. AW DAMMIT. NIT/CBI... [I wonder if our players will hustle while playing hungover and THC coursing through their veins]
If you're a bubble team, these are by far the most likely outcomes. Regardless, we have you covered on bubblin' happenings.

BEISBOL MAKES IT 18. The Ag baseball team made it an 18-0 start to the season with a W in extra frames yesterday against the UT Pan Am Airways Longhorns. League play opens up this weekend with a visit from Auburn for a three game set. Gig 'em, dudes. RIP forever, bunts.

MUSIC CITY HOOPIN' IT. The basketball team kicks off their SEC Tournament play this afternoon at 2:30 against the aforementioned Auburn Tigers. House is out. Damn. Play your asses off, dudes. We're supporting you.

PLUGGIN'. I want to re-plug by buddy, and co-GBH founder Rush's really sincere and informative piece on cardiac screening and HCM. It is a worthwhile read as you certainly know someone who deals with this or will deal at some point.

VININ'. Gotta have a taste of some pigskin.