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Texas A&M is #11 in ESPN's Preseason FPI Rankings

The Aggies finished 2014 at #23 in ESPN's Football Power Index and are now ranked #11 in the 2015 preseason.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI) is a simulation-based ranking system designed to measure the relative strength of teams. In 2014, Texas A&M was ranked #16 in the preseason (with a projected record of 7.8-4.2) and finished at #23 after going 8-5. The 2015 preseason FPI ranks the Aggies at #11, which is also fifth in the SEC West. The overall defensive rank of 37th for A&M seems high, but hopefully new defensive coordinator John Chavis can make fielding a top 50 defense a reality. A&M's offense is ranked 4th which is less surprising with a lot of returning talent all over the field.

According to ESPN, the FPI is calculated using the prior season's rankings on offense, defense and special teams; returning starters and head coach information; and recruiting rankings.

SEC in the ESPN 2-15 FPI Preseason Rankings

SEC in the ESPN 2015 FPI Preseason Rankings