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Daily Bull 2.26.15

"Someday I'm finally gonna let go / 'Cause I know there's a better way / And I wanna know what's over that rainbow / I'm gonna get out of here someday" - Steve Earle

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RANKING DEM SEC GIGS. This is pretty standard offseason fare - ranking the best head coaching jobs. ESPN takes a crack at the SEC. Texas A&M is ranked the 5th best job overall behind Florida, Alabama, LSU, and Georgia. That's about right. No qualms from this ol' chap.

VINTAGE PROGRAMMES. Camacho shares some pretty bad ass football program covers from the 30's and 40's. Simpler times! War, The Great Depression, and college football wasn't even CLOSE to racial integration. What a nightmare.

CROOTIN' WAS KINDA ANNOYING THIS YEAR. I enjoyed this piece from stringsays on how the Class of 2015 all shook out. It was kind of maddening, no? But, like any vice, you continue to indulge - consequences and better judgement be damned!

DRESS FOR SUCCESS. AD Eric Hyman (kinda forgot who he was tbh) and his wife conducted a seminar on dressing professionally. A whole bunch of athletes attended. This would probably be beneficial for most bloggers and certainly most Ags (we're not the most stylish lot). Here are my style tips:

  • No black suits unless you are going to a funeral. Charcoal, gray, or navy. Move on.
  • A cummerbund is not a headband.
  • Speaking of cummerbunds, they're better than vests every single time.
  • A pocket square doubles as a nice loin cloth in a pinch.
GOOD - nay - GREAT BULL. A heroic gas station franchisee slingin' hooch to underage patrons was busted by the College Station PD. The cops gave this noble proprietor a big, fat ticket for helping college kids college hard. No matter - some altruistic A&M students took to the internet and raised funds to cover the ticketed man's $2000 fine. The fine got covered in no time. Damn good bull, kids. Go celebrate and make some memories.

OPEN ENDED POLL - at age 19, what artist/band was the most played in your iTunes library, cassette library, stack of CDs, record collection, etc.? Don't be proud - be honest. For me? It was probably Pat Green and Dave Matthews Band. What a privileged white dope I am. Share yours in the comments, por favor.