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Daily Bull 2.20.15

"Just us kids in the parking lot / Out here givin' it all we got / We don't want to get old and die / And there ain't nothing we wouldn't try" - James McMurtry

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports


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28 weeks until college football

PUNCH UP THAT DANCING RESUME, BOYS. The fella hoopers are off to South Carolina to take on the Cocks tomorrow. The squad is playing some good ball, but make no mistake - we're a bubble team. Gotta take care of the road work.

POWER POWER PEW PEW. It's nice to have basketball schools do some heavy basketball blogging. Our buds at SB Nation's great Mizzou site Rock M Nation released their latest SEC hoops power rankings. The Ags are sitting pretty at No. 4.

JOHNNY UPDATE. QB coach George Whitfield has some good insight into the life of Johnny and what this current hurdle means for him. Whitfield has been with Johnny through a lot of life shit and is very optimistic. We're praying for you, #2.

SPIN A YARN, DOCTOR. Today marks the 10th anniversary of Hunter S. Thompson's passing. My ol palski Dr Camacho carries the torch on with this inspired tome.


Texas A&M at South Carolina | 11 AM | SEC Network