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Daily Bull 2.19.15

"And I turned twenty-one in prison doing life without parole / No one could steer me right but Mama tried, Mama tried / Mama tried to raise me better, but her pleading I denied / That leaves only me to blame 'cause Mama tried" - Merle. Like six got damn months until college football. Might as well be prison.

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#INDUSTRY LIVETH. Sure, National Signing Day has passed. Thought we were done with creepy, slovenly middle-aged men objectifying young athletes? Wrong you are.It's THE SHIELD's COMBINE. The best players coming out of college are going to display their amazing abilities in front of low-T, hyper-critical dolts who get winded walking up a flight of stairs. America, gang. Love it or leave it.

BEISBOL, AMIGOS. Penn State is coming to town this weekend to take on the Ags. The current weather in State College? High of 9 degrees today. Spring hath sprung. Let's beat up on the B1G. Here's the deets at Blue Bell:

Friday | 6:35 PM | LHP A.J. Minter

Saturday | 2:05 PM | RHP Grayson Long

Sunday | 1:05 PM | LHP Matt Kent

OFFSEASON STUFF - GRAFFS. EDSBS has some nifty pictorials that explain the current offseason.

BURN REDSHIRTING. An interesting notion, to be sure. Steven Godfrey examines if redshirting should even exist in modern college football.