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Daily Bull 12.6.15: Just waiting on the bowl game

BOWL SELECTION! WHOOOOOO (Can we just go to the Texas Bowl? That would be convenient.)

Courtside photos of Billy Kennedy are the best.
Courtside photos of Billy Kennedy are the best.
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

WHERE ARE WE GOING? Bowl games give the team a last away game to cap off the season. It's been a mediocre year when you compare it to the expectations that were made at the beginning of the year. (But don't tell me you wouldn't have been pleased with a 8-4 season during the Fran years). Where we are going will be a fun adventure in making puns for different schools. It will be great. The top four teams have been selected (Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson and Michigan State) and which schools are going to the Orange Bowl and the Cotton Bowl will be announced at 11 AM on ESPN with the final top 25 (which means so much) will be announced around 2 PM. So don't hold your breath.

NEW BALL COACH. Will Muschamp finally gets the big break in his career, again, to be a head coach with his new job at South Carolina. If you're moving to the south, call up William and he can let you know the housing market in at least three states. The Gamecocks have been a bit of a slump with Spurrier leaving a gaping recruiting hole, sources say that William Larry Muschamp plans on hiring Travaris Robinson as DC to make up those losses. What does that mean for the Aggies? I don't know, it's Sunday and there's not much going on, just click on links.

WHY DID YOU THINK BASKETBALL WAS A GOOD SPORT TO GET INVESTED IN? All but four GBH writers are not mad enough to actually watch Aggie Basketball and put time into caring about it. Bless their hearts. But the rash of wins that the men's basketball team snatched up caused a wave of excitement to titillate Aggie bouncyball fans. However, the team has now lost two games in a row, losing the Battle of Atlantis and now a blow from ASU has the BAS setting in.

The women's team didn't have a great day yesterday either. I mean, they were in Hawai'i, so it couldn't have been the worst. The Aggies held up against BYU up until 4 minutes left in the game when the Cougars got a head after Jordan Jones and Courtney Williams were fouled out. Final score 72-64, BYU. The team gets back into play tomorrow at 11 AM with SMU on the SEC Network.

I HATE HAWAI'I. It's a dumb state known only for the fact that it has no straight lines for state borders. That's it. The Aggie Volleyball team might agree with that after ending their 15 match winning streak with a 0-3 loss to the team from the Aloha state. (What does that even mean? Aloha is both hello and goodbye. Aren't people confused?) This ends their season and run for the NCAA championship. The team ends with a 24-7 (16-2, conf) record. Great job and good year for the team and Coach Corbelli. Gig 'em.

SUNDAY GOOD FEELINGS. Here's a nice story for you, Ags. An A&M prof from the business school remarks on how everyone should be Aggies (or at least embody the Aggie spirit). Have a good Sunday. Beat the hell outta bad bowl games.