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GBH Bowl WATCHLIST: Dec. 30th

Hello! We've got four bowls on today. What do we have to say about them?

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

There are two more days and most of us are ready to kiss 2015 goodbye. But not before one final football purge. The Ags play today, of course, but so do some other SEC teams.

Birmingham Bowl

by Shooter Flatch
Auburn vs Memphis
December 30th | 11:00 am CST | ESPN

Gus Malzahn steps out onto the empty street.  Just the sound of the wind is all there is to break the silence.  "Where am I?  How did I get here?" he wonders to himself.  Two years have now passed.  There have been no "miracles".  No "prayers at Jordan Hare".  He swore he just heard the distant growl of a tiger.  It was cold.  Gus knew he couldn't wrap himself in the warm blanket of a "genius label" anymore.

About that time there was a loud Boom!  Startled, Gus prayed it wasn't him.  "HE LEFT US!"  We are supposed to be rid of the beast.  Gus began to wonder if he could ever block the images from his mind.  The icy death stare. The jaws of steel snapping at anyone and everyone.  The unexplainable blind, mindless rage. He had killed them.  Killed all of them.  The players.  The fans.  An innocent chalkboard.  The wins.  The hopes and dreams of the entire Auburn fan base.

Now it was just Gus.  He had to keep pushing forward.  This was all his fault.  He had to make amends.  As he walked he glanced up at the sign.  "BIRMINGHAM CITY LIMITS".  This is where he would start over, if that was even possible.  "Today."  He said.  "We will find out if the monster killed me too."

Belk Bowl

by Rush

Mississippi State vs. NC State
2:30 PM  |  ESPN

Ahh, the Belk Bowl. Our casual flirtation began over a year ago, but an actual date has yet to occur. Snubbed two years running for other, more available parties. Such is life in the SEC. But there are worse fan bases we could send to the Belk Bowl. Stingray is a prince among men and would definitely be a good Belk spokesman. And I don't know much about NC State fans, but based on their appreciation for Tom O'Brien they have an affinity for sensible, reasonably-priced clothing without a lot of hassle. Good luck to both parties, and maybe we'll see you next year, Belkster. Watch the Belk Bowl because it's just fun to say.

Belk Bowl.

Holiday Bowl

by Chuck

USC vs. Wisconsin
December 30th | 10:30 pm CST | ESPN

Who can sleep at a time like this? You just sweated out another anemic A&M offensive performance, the ashtray is full of butts, and your hand still hurts from putting it through the drywall. Enter the Holiday Bowl, the B1G/PAC warm glass of milk here to lull you into slumber.

USC has a dynamic offense going up against one of the best defenses in the country in Wisconsin - a combination that always works as Texas Tech can attest. Wisconsin is a team that relies on their defense to get them through games, they have a running back who turned into a cornerback this year, and lo and behold that same kid just transferred. Wisconsin is the Aggie B1G spirit animal.

Don't believe the hype, this game is a disappointment for both of these teams and their effort level will show it. Merry Paul Chrystmas, everyone.

Music City Bowl

by Shooter Flatch

Texas A&M vs. Louisville
December 30th6:00 pm CST | ESPN

Everything you need to know about this bowl has already been covered by the fellas in The Tailgate.  So I'm just going to say a few things that have been on my mind since the news came out about our two QB's transferring off the team.

First and foremost, calm the fuck down.  The only individuals that know 100% why these transfers happened are Kyler Murray and Kyle Allen.  And neither of them have spoken about it publicly.  Everything else you've read or heard is strictly speculation and rumor.  And that's another thing.  Stop fucking paying people to provide you with rumors and speculation.  Any half twit can speculate for free.  Stop thinking there are people that have super inside access to a program. And that you can gain some sort of wonderful knowledge to impress your Aggie buddies five minutes before its public information anyway.  And get the fuck off of texags.  It's a cesspool of vapidity within our fan base.

You don't blow up a damn program just because two QB's transferred.  I don't give a shit how many stars they had next to their name.  As of today, A&M has won 36 games under Kevin Sumlin, with a chance in the bowl to make it 37.  The last time a coach at A&M had a four year run of 36+ wins was RC Slocum from 1992-1995 with 41 wins.  That is viewed by many as the apex of A&M football in the last 50 years.  So two unproven QB's decide to bail for whatever reason, and there are members of our fan base ready to blow it all up and start over again?!?!  The fuck is wrong with you?

Enjoy this silly-ass wonderful sport.  Don't let it put you in a shitty mood, because there are thousands of things in real life for that.  Instead of getting worked up about the negative, think about how awesome it would be for Jake Hubenak to win this bowl game as the starter.  For him and his family.  That's a good storyline!  That's why you should be excited as hell to watch this game on Wednesdaynight.

Don't stress about the players that have left.  Just get excited for the players that are still here.  It reminds me of a speech from one my favorite movies, where Coach Norman Dale responds to the fans concerning the lack of a star player.  To paraphrase...

I would hope you support who we are, not who we are not.  These individuals have made a choice to work, a choice to sacrifice, to put themselves on the line to represent you and Texas A&M.  That kind of commitment and effort deserves and demands your respect.  This is your team.

BEAT THE HELL OUTTA louisville!!!!