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Texas A&M does not want the Texas Bowl. Where will they play?

The Aggies seem destined for one of three possible bowl locations. Let's talk about the latest buzz.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

First, I should mention that when I dipped into my limited reservoir of sources, I learned that Texas Tech is a near lock to play in the Texas Bowl in Houston. Texas A&M is doing everything they can to avoid playing that matchup in that game. So if you believe Texas A&M carries any political clout in the conference, the Texas Bowl is an unlikely destination. Billy Liucci of also said he does not expect Texas A&M to play in the Texas Bowl, albeit for different reasons.

Texas A&M and Texas Tech would obviously be a sellout game as well.

The other two possible destinations are the Belk Bowl in Charlotte and the Music City Bowl in Tennessee. Billy Liucci believes the Aggies will play in the Music City Bowl versus Louisville.

Remember, the 12th Man traveled very well for the Vanderbilt game earlier this season. Louisville is an intriguing matchup for the Aggies. They started the season with three straight losses to Auburn, Houston, and Clemson but rebounded to a 7-5 season. Louisville's S&P+ ranking is 35 while the Aggies are at 46 and appear to be worse on both sides of the ball. Neither team beat any really good opponents this season.

It's no secret that I like the Belk Bowl, mostly because they run the best Twitter account for a bowl game.