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Texas A&M vs. Louisville: guess the score of the Music City Bowl

See how we stack up against Louisville fans' predictions as well.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy. All the best of the leftovers are gone: picked clean by your aunt and uncle before they drove back to their remote corner of the state after staying longer than anyone else. You've played with all your exciting toys and all that's left under the tree are the packets of mugs and hot chocolate and oh yeah that Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl that you're probably gonna unwrap tomorrow.

This game is unpredictable for Aggies for a whole new slew of reasons, mainly that the unknown factor at QB is justifiably unknown and unproven this time around. It sort of takes the pressure off, right? Now we can just sort of have fun watching a football game, right? What a wonderful concept, and maybe the best gift of all.

Use the widget below to guess the score of tomorrow's bowl game and see how we stack up against our Louisville counterparts over at Card Chronicle. Enjoy!