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Texas A&M goes country with new Music City Bowl uniforms

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Look at them boots!

Texas A&M has become synonymous with alternate uniforms, and Aggie uniforms don't get more "alternate" than their recent bowl game threads. From the cowprint accessories of the 2013 Chick Fil A Bowl to a Liberty Bell helmet in the 2014 Liberty Bowl, Texas A&M and Adidas have partnered to bring us some of the most progressive uniforms in college football, and 2015 is no exception.

The Aggies will travel to Nashville to take on Louisville in the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl, and the team has debuted a new uniform to commemorate the occasion. Let's take a look at the details (and click each image to see a larger version).

(This is not a real uniform and should in no way be overreacted to on social media)

texas am music city bowl uniform

The Gibson guitar factory is located in Nashville, so it is only fitting that the Aggies' helmet is painted in the style of a Les Paul guitar, from the woodgrain right down to the strings and frets down the center of the helmet.

texas am music city bowl uniform

The traditional maroon jersey has undergone significant changes, the most noticeable of which is the shoulder stripes have taken on the appearance of a music staff. The first line of the Aggie War Hymn is written out across the shoulders. You'll also notice the bowl logo sublimated in the side of the jersey. As a nod to Nashville's country roots, the pants have denim look.

texas am music city bowl uniform

Here we get a closer look at the "TEXAS A&M" wordmark in a music note font. You'll also notice the numbers have a maroon bevel rather than the traditional gray.

texas am music city bowl uniform

Only the Aggies could pull off wearing a beveled belt buckle. Complete with Nashville skyline!

texas am music city bowl uniform

Continuing the country theme, the cleats and socks are made to mimic the look of cowboy boots.

texas am music city bowl uniform

The gloves provide helpful tips for whatever receivers are not suspended by the time the game rolls around.