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Aggies in the NFL: Week 15

We highlight the biggest A&M-related NFL stories of Week 15.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Life got in the way of last week's update, so we'll pepper in some Week 14 stuff today where we can.


9) Damontre Moore

Sometimes we feel the need to explain the context behind our embedded tweets, and sometimes we let them speak for themselves. This is the latter.

The story had a decent enough ending, I guess. But what an odd way to end his time in New York.

8) Mike Evans

Mike has had an up-and-down year, but he reached quite the milestone this week.

7) Cody Wallace

Offensive Linemen are rarely in the spotlight for a good reason... and that trend continues today.

6) Randy Bullock

Raaaaandy sunk the Cowboys. Granted, sinking the Cowboys is less "accomplishment" and more "scheduled weekly event" this year. But still.

Kudos to Randy for rocking maroon after the game.

5) Christine Michael

The NFL is an odd place. Michael had been cut from two different squads, including Seattle, but this past weekend he finally received the chance he'd been waiting for all season.

There are rumblings that Michael finally appears to "get it" in regards to coachability, effort during the practice week, and time in the film room. Hopefully this trend continues.

4) Michael Bennett

Bennett made the Pro Bowl (more on this later), and then he did some Bennett things.

3) Ryan Tannehill

This has been a rough year for Tannehill. The locals in Miami have all but lost faith this season, as a dismal year turned even further south with an awful performance at woeful San Diego.

Ryan has always been pretty well-mannered on the field, but he finally cracked.

2) Von Miller

This is your typical Von update; stellar play mixed with a bit of (sometimes shady) ridiculousness

1) Johnny Manziel

Johnny's had two starts since we last updated you guys, so there's no shortage of updates here. Bear with us. This could get a bit long.

Week 14

Week 15

As you can see, Johnny is representing himself well. Teammates, fans, and third party media are buying in to his skills as a quarterback... but I'm still confident the Browns will Cleveland the situation and lose Johnny to a late round compensatory pick this offseason. Because they are the Browns, and they will never know joy.