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Kevin Sumlin Press Conference Quotes and Video: 12/16/15

Coach Sumlin met with the media and answered questions about coaching changes and Kyler Murray.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Reports this afternoon indicated that freshman QB Kyler Murray intends to transfer from Texas A&M. Kevin Sumlin met with the media today following bowl practice and was asked to address Kyler's situation. This media availability was scheduled as a regular part of bowl preparations and not in response to the news reports.

Sumlin said he expects Murray to practice on Thursday and start in the Music City Bowl on December 30th. This news conflicts with today's reports that Murray is looking to transfer. Is Sumlin working to keep Murray and remaining hopeful or is there a reasonable chance Murray stays at Texas A&M?

Sumlin also discounted rumors of changes to the offensive coaching staff, at least in the near term.

Sumlin also admitted some surprise at Kyle Allen's decision to transfer.