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Report: Kevin Sumlin sat down with Kyler and Kevin Murray

Things seemed to be happening on the Aggie Football front on Tuesday, but there is confusion about what it all means.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple Texas A&M pay sites reported today that Aggie head coach Kevin Sumlin met with freshman Kyler Murray and his father Kevin on Tuesday. Presumably, this discussion centered on Kyler's role in the Aggie offense going forward. Following the transfer of Kyle Allen, there is considerable uncertainty surrounding A&M's football future.

Some fans have expressed worry that this meeting may signal major problems between Sumlin and the Murrays. Will Kyler play baseball for the Aggies this Spring? Will he start in the Music City Bowl? Is there a possibility that he will seek a transfer? Adding fuel to the fire, this Rusty Burson tweet appeared Tuesday evening.

Rusty Burson is well-connected as the former VP/Editor for 12th Man Magazine. While we have not established whether Rusty's tweet is related to the meeting between the Murrays and Sumlin, the timing is curious. We should be in for an interesting week.

Coach Sumlin is scheduled to meet with the media on Wednesday for a pre-bowl game press conference.