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SEC Coaching Search: Choose Your Own Adventure

Congratulations! You have decided to embark upon the most exciting adventure of all: choosing a coach. Good luck on your journey, but tread carefully.

Chuck GBH
You are Georgia. Underperforming, hangdog Georgia. This year's just the worst because Florida beat you and made it to the Championship game. The only solution is to bring in that big splash hire from the SEC West to ensure your resurrection in the wastelands of the East. Or maybe even an outsider. What do you do?

You are South Carolina. You went ahead and fired your coach arranged for your coach to leave early just to get a head start on things. Ooops! You've spent the last six weeks playing Call of Duty and binge-watching LOST, figuring things would work themselves out. In the meantime, your interim guy has amassed an even .200 winning percentage. What do you do?

Well, you are Mizzou. Sorry. You shouldn't be making this decision but circumstances led to it anyway. Now you have to maximize your options in a very crowded market. What do you do?

A wild LSU approaches! You got beat 47-0 in the Belk Bowl by Duke. A handful of rich boosters, emboldened by the cold Charlotte weather and with several million dollars burning a hole in their pockets, persuade Joe Alleva to fire Les Miles right there at the post-game presser. Through a loophole in Napoleonic Law, they are not required to fully honor his buyout and he settles for several thousand dollars' worth of Belk giftcards and Jaguars season tickets. Who do you hire?

You know what? Forget this! You realize that between fans, boosters, trustees, presidents, and chancellors there is no winning this game. As an athletic director the very best you can do is be completely unseen, otherwise you are a failure at every turn. Which do you do?