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Daily Bull 11.8.15

Rule #1: Football is fun.

"Y'all, does this sweater vest accentuate my positive features? Be honest."
"Y'all, does this sweater vest accentuate my positive features? Be honest."
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

STOP SAYING YOU DON'T LIKE FOOTBALL ANYMORE. It is still a sport you enjoy. I promise. Breathe. Laugh so you don't cry.


  • String lets you know how worried he is for this team, in a pretty even-keeled examination of yesterday's game.
  • Jake Hubenak performed admirably after Kyler Murray went to the locker room.
  • Let's flip over to the Alabama-LSU game, which many people did after watching A&M-Auburn. Things did not end well for LSU, which is a real bummer. Now the Aggies can't get a transitive property win after we BTHO LSU at the end of the month. Guys? Where'd you go? Guys? Come on, it could happen.
NON FOOTBALL STUFF THAT WAS INTERESTING. The card stunt from last night actually went off pretty well. The Lead By Example campaign's slogan "If Not Us, Then Who?" was put on display with minimal hiccups other than the cards being soaked with rain and plastic bags floating around Kyle all night. The world's largest card stunt seemed successful and it left us wondering who since we were clearly not leading anything last night.

SEC SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP. Your Fightin' Texas Aggie Soccer team fell to Florida 2-1 in the SEC Championship game. These have been the premier teams this year (and every year recently), so a close hard-fought game was no surprise.