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GBH WATCHLIST, Week 10: Unlikely Undefeateds

Hmm some these teams might lose

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Last week's Watchlist was chock-full of Mike Leach-y goodness as we ventured into Lubbock on Halloween and watched Wazzu nearly topple Stanford early Sunday morning. Shooter and Doug were spot-on. The games are growing more and more meaningful, which means the potential for the bizarre is rapidly increasing. Here's a quick around-the-horn for your Saturday:

Jimmy Gards

Texas Tech at West Virginia
11:00 AM
Fox Sports 1

Kids, you know how we're wont to tell you to go to Welding School in lieu of expensive college? Well these are really, really expensive Welding Schools that will teach you how arson can get you out of life's pinches. No, no, you won't actually learn a valuable, noble trade such as welding. The faculty and students are too dim.

This is an 11 AMer that might get done in time for Saturday night Last Call in Morgantown. The stakes? Two Sumlin proteges that have cult hero statuses are both desperately in need of a win. Both teams got absolutely pantsed on defense last week showing no signs of hope. They're slow, but at least they can't tackle.

Morgantown is Lubbock with mountains and better hooch. Just remember there are still Big 12 lifers that crack jokes about the academics of the Southeastern Conference.

The over/under is 80 here. Buttfunnel a Red Bull and take the over.

Dr. Norris Camacho

Iowa at Indiana
2:30 PM, ESPN

The Hawkeyes are one of the surprise undefeateds of the season, shuffling through non-conference and B1G play like extra #blessed zombies, lurching in just the right patterns that enable them to avoid pitfalls. And now the media's already crowning them 12-0 and ready to take on Ohio State in the conference championship game.

But if anyone's crazy enough to accidentally shove a length of rebar through their brainpan (metaphorically, of course), it's Indiana. They're unpredictable, volatile, and playing at home, where they gave Ohio State fits and blew it against Rutgers. And if anyone's due to dicktrip into an inexplicable loss, it's Kirk Ferentz.

Enjoy the afternoon show from Bloomington, where it will be dark by halftime at 4 PM.

Shooter Flatch

Cincinnati at Houston
2:30 CST

This weekend is loaded with marquee matchups.  This isn't one of the headliners by any means, but it has the potential for Sunday morning headlines.  Houston rolls into this game as one of the 2 remaining "Group of Five" undefeated teams.  Houston sits at 8-0 and ranked #25 in the first round of the CFP committee rankings.  Yet their best win right now is a 3 point victory against a 4-4 semi-shitty Louisville team (Charlie left the cupboard bare).  Tom Herman is gonna have to change his name to Kardashian after he whores himself out to every open Power 5 gig in December.  Lets just hope a Ray J tape doesn't appear after the Bowl Season.

Meanwhile Cinci enters this game under the radar as Houston is likely looking ahead to Memphis next weekend.  Tommy Tuberville is asteely eyed missle man and he's done a hell of a lot harder things than knocking off an over-rated Houston team in an obvious look-ahead situation.  I predict the Beacats get the run game going, Tom Herman makes out with Kanye, and Sizzurp City's best football team takes it on the chin.