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Daily Bull 11.5.15

"I had a little place just up the block
Had me a French girlfriend I loved the way she talked
We spent our afternoons watchin' the TV
Findin' things to do that we could do for free
We split up she said, You don't do enough for me"
- Robert Earl Keen

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

^ That fish, like Johnny, is not paid for the use of his likeness SMH NCAA ^

EVERYDAY I'M FUMBLIN'. What's at stake for Auburn on Saturday in what has amounted to be a throwaway disappointment season thus far? Since the Ags joined the SEC, the game with Auburn has been significant for the Tigers. In 2013 2012, Johnny and company throttled Auburn in Auburn for the worst loss in program history. This got the ax swinging on Gene Chizik and his staff. 2014 2013 brought the infamous horse collar SAGA. A back-and-forth fury of offense resulted in a late Auburn victory. They'd ultimately go on to play for a National Championship against Florida State. And last year, A&M went in and shocked the Tigers. This triggered many questions about Gus Malzahn that continue to fester through this season. What will Saturday mean to this Auburn program?

OK WEIRDO. Will Muschamp was asked about a myriad of things around his defense and the upcoming game against the Ags. The surly, crazy bastard had this to say about Kyler Murray:

It's hard. You can't hem him up in a phone booth. He's quick as a cat.

That's quite a yarn (HARF HARF stupid puns). I've seen every mafia movie worth a damn (I'm Irish, so I study game film of my Italian opponents), and I've yet to see a narc get hemmed up in a phone booth. Kinda cool?

CUE THE SERIOUS NFL MUSIC. A little news from the unfun big boy league:

  • Trey Williams got picked up by the Cowboys. Welcome back to Texas. I so badly wish you played on this A&M team, but get paid $$$$
  • JOHNNY. Our buddy is starting tonight. Not an easy assignment by any stretch. He's taking the Browns into the Nati as 11 point dogs. Be sure to tune in at 7:25 PM central on the NFL Network.

PEW PEW PEW PULSE. Another installment of The Pulse dropped last night. Scope it out.

Have a helluva Thursday, you beautiful angels. BTHO Barn.