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College Football Playoff Championship Locales Announced

Load up the Airstream with hooch and munitions. The Ags will be playing in each one of these championship games.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The College Football Playoff committee of rich olds met in Chicago this week for the inaugural 2015 rankings and to handle some other business. Namely, the strategic disbanding of unions - in football and otherwise, holding the metric system down, and selecting the locations of the National Championship game for 2018, 2019, and 2020.

The inaugural 2015 National Championship was held at Jerryworld (woof) and this season's game will be played in a desert garden of foreclosure and fake yabbos.

I'm talking of Phoenix suburbia, of course.

Next year, the game goes to a burgh best known for stripper squatters' rights and insurance fraud. That's right, we're going to Florida State alum central - TAMPA.

Today, the following locations were announced:

  • 2018 Atlanta, Georgia
  • 2019 Santa Clara, California
  • 2020 New Orleans, Louisiana
A few thoughts:
  • That collective chortle/sigh/fart/sleep apnea noise you heard was the credentialed journos celebrating. They don't have to go to a cold weather locale. Minneapolis and Detroit had both put in bids for the January games.
  • Journos are acting pleased, but deep down, they'll miss bitching about the weather. They love this pastime. Remember the cold Super Bowl in Dallas? For a game that was INDOORS?
  • Either or both of Detroit and Minneapolis should have gotten a game. Believe it or not, both cities have excellent downtown areas for events like this and have wonderful stadiums. Ford Field is great for a dome, and Minneapolis has something to behold in the works. This is football. Get a coat.
  • New Orleans should host the National Championship every other year. You can walk to all the good New Orleans shit and the game from your hotel.
  • Santa Clara is everything that is lampooned in HBO's Silicon Valley only more banal and bland.
  • What happens when you get NFLish billionaires in the same room planning? Whatever the fuck this thing is...
  • Houston bid on all of this and was completely shutout. Deservedly so. Have you tried selling visitors on Houston? I have. Evidently an overrated stadium close to nice hospitals and horrid infrastructure and not much else was lacking appeal.
I look forward to Coach Sumlin and Kyler Murray leading A&M to back-to-back-to-back 'ships in Tampa, Atlanta, and Santa Clara. Join me, won't you?