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GAMETHREAD: Texas Aggies at LSU Tigers

Is this a funeral for Les Miles?

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Louisiana is a weird place. They can't fix a pothole, but they can turn sea bugs, spice, and a cup of rice into some of the best eatin' you've ever experienced.

The LSU Tigers were ranked No. 2 in the nation less than a month ago. Tonight? Well tonight might be the final game for one of the school's best coaches in history. LSU is going to fire Les Miles, you see. Or they won't. They might get cranked on sazeracs, extend Miles' contract, and win the national championship next year. Crazy bastards.

Tonight is a big game. Here's what I'll be watching:

  1. How does Chavis handle the trip back to Baton Rouge? Sure, "it's just another game", right? Everyone knows Chavis wants to stick it to the school that jerked him around on payment and contract terms. What kind of Aggie defense are we going to see tonight? Because...
  2. Leonard Fournette comin'. The Tigers have sputtered, so questions have surfaced around Fournette's dip in production. Make no mistake - this might be the most physically gifted running back in the country. Tonight we get to see how much our young defense has grown, because on paper, Fournette looks like he could rip off a couple hundred yards.
  3. Les. The Mad Hatter is goofy, unpredictable, lucky, and crazy on normal days. How is Les going to coach after the insane last couple weeks he's been through? Expect several insane wrinkles at unexpected times.
  4. A&M quarterback play. Buckle up. This will be a HUGE topic that lingers all the way through the off season. Who is the young quarterback that will lead the Aggies into a put-up, or shut-up 2016 for Sumlin and Co.?

This is your GAMETHREAD. Crack wise, GIF, and be good to one another. "FIRE EVERYONE" is a stupid taek. LSU is doing that and they'll likely wind up with a very questionable coach next year.

Gig 'em. Beat the hell outta LSU.