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Daily Bull 11.22.15: Aggies Beat Commodores

Bless John Chavis and the Aggie Defense. Let us give thanks. Oh, and for Taylor Bertolet. He was good too.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

SHUT THE DORE. Last night's shutout was nice in Kyle Field East. I hope you had a good time watching it because it was a game won. Remember earlier this week when you were worried about us losing to Vanderbilt? Yeah, that was a low point. But we made it to today. Along with Taylor Bertolet being the number one scorer yesterday, there's a plethora of interesting numerals you should look at with Rush and get honest with the Aggies performance in the Instant Reaction by String.

SOCCER KEEPS GOING. After the win over North Carolina Friday, the Ags advance to the third round of the quarter finals to face Ole Miss. The game will be played at noon and there isn't a television broadcast planned, but you can keep up with the team via @AggieSoccer and @MaroonMilita on Twitter and on BTHO ole miss!

BASKETBALL IS STILL A SPORT. I was forcefully reminded that basketball has returned, and lo and behold, they are doing well. The men's team is currently on a winning streak after defeating UNC Asheville yesterday. The women's team isn't too shabby as they are also undefeated and came back to win versus TCU yesterday. Men face not-rival University of Texas on Wednesday and the Ladies are headed out of here on a Vegas holiday Friday and Saturday. Stay tuned to GBH as our basketball writers either maintain their surprisingly happy state or return to normal sadness. Really, it's weird having them be pleased.

LAST WEEK OF REGULAR COLLEGE FOOTBALL. The offseason prepares to release one of it's tendrils and you'll forget the bad things about this season and want it to come back so bad. But for now, you can feel bad that we only scored 25 points yesterday, it is a privileged time.  Enjoy your Sunday with happy kids getting new uniforms.

BTHO lsu.