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Instant Reaction: Aggies defeat UNC Asheville 75-47

There were plenty of teachable moments, but the good guys pulled away after halftime to make this a comfortable afternoon.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Four games, four wins.

Our Aggie Hoops squad gave us everything we could ask for in the pre-Bahamas portion of the schedule, with today's effort placing the average margin of victory at a healthy 33.75.

I don't care who your opponents are... that's an impressive number.

Let's take a closer look at today's effort.

1. It got a little dicey, but the response was great

After a ho-hum first half, our Aggies started the second half rather cold. So cold, in fact, that the Bulldogs cut the lead to eight points with seventeen minutes remaining. For the first time this season, we had a game on our hands.

And we responded with a 22-5 run to completely kill the game off. We were never in real trouble, but it was nice to have a game somewhat in doubt before the competition ramps up.

2. The other shoe dropped

As much fun as it's been, we had to acknowledge that we weren't going to shoot the lights out forever. The Ags were only 5-16 (31.3%) from deep today, with a return to form (8-14 for 57.1%) from the line.

Truth be told, I was glad this happened today. We had to adjust our offense mid-game for the first time all season, and we did an admirable job attacking the rim when our NBA Jam Team Fire clock finally ran out.

3. We have legitimate big man depth

Y'all, Tony Trocha might be for real. He had another great game offensively (twelve points, nine boards, and four assists), and his range from beyond the arc might be legitimate. Jones will step back in to the starting lineup on Wednesday (with Davis I'd imagine), but Trocha has cemented his status as the first big guy off the bench.

And when you add Tony's development to Tavario's defense/rebounding and Elijah's post game... we just might be fine on the blocks this year. Our days of frantically hoping that none of our big men get in foul trouble could finally be over.

The Aggies now head to the Bahamas for a huge tilt with the Texas Longhorns on Wednesday.