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Daily Bull 11.19.15

"I like George Jones, Willie and Waylon
I think Kris and Merle are songwriting saviors
Townes Van Zandt, he died to soon
But now he's up there with Hank
And they're both fightin' the Nashville Blues"
- Cory Morrow

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

WHERE WE BOWLIN'? In a little over two weeks, we'll know where the Texas Aggie gridironers are headed for the holidays. Prognosticators are prognosticating because #content. Here are the premature predictions on where EXPERTS think we're going:

Jerry Palm (adult film name), CBS Sports Belk Charlotte Virginia Tech December 30
Mark Schlabach, ESPN Texas Houston Texas Tech December 29
Brett McMurphy, ESPN Music City Nashville Virginia Tech December 30
Stewart Mandell, FOX Sports Texas Houston Texas Tech December 29
Jason Kirk (only chill expert), SB Nation Texas Houston Texas Tech December 29
Zac Ellis, Sports Illustrated Belk Charlotte Florida State December 30
Brad Crawford, Saturday Down South (wretched) Texas Houston Texas Tech December 29
Pete Fiutak, Campus Insiders Texas Houston Texas Tech December 29

That's a lot of TECHS! We might play against a coach who looks like a catcher's mitt and is fixing to retire, OR we might play the coach your wife (or husband) would leave you for, OR we might have a #FSUTwitter vs. #AggieTwitter match-up which would just be wonderful and horrific.

BETWEEN TWO FERNS TAEKS. I did a Q&A yesterday with the SB Nation Vandy blog. I tried to crack wise. They had the humor of Judge Smails because they're Vandy, don't you see?

REELZIN' HOT. Surely you read the TAILGATE yesterday. I want to be certain you watched HOT REELZ. cuppycup has found yet another gift that will enrich your life. He's now an art house film maker - replete with a beret, scarf, hip sunglasses... and a Columbia fishing shirt and cargo shorts.

THAT SOUND IS YOUR CLOGGED HEART GURGLING. Praise heavens the Blue Bell resurgence continues. The flagship Brenham plant flipped on the lights again this week and is running tests and whatnot in an effort to bring more sweet, creamy goodness to your insatiable gullets. Welcome back, Blue Bell. #BTHO health.

BUCKLE UP: THIS WILL BE YOUR OFF SEASON FODDER. I fear there isn't a peachy, clean way that this A&M quarterback situaish will sort itself out. Our friend Kate Hairogreekpoulos over at DMN did a chat yesterday and is on TEAM KYLER. She makes the argument that Kyler opens things up on the ground not only for him, but for guys like Tra Carson. This is true, but Kyler has started against dog shit competition. Yes, Auburn's D still falls under that moniker.

This off season is going to be tricky. I don't know how Sumlin is going to manage this. The odds of both of these quarterbacks being on the roster to start 2016 have to be slim - and maybe that's OK. Have a guy and get fully behind him. PERSONAL TAEK - based on the admittedly small sample sizes of each quarterback, I believe Kyle Allen gives Texas A&M a better opportunity to compete for trips to Atlanta.

The good news is we have roughly nine months to beat the absolute hell out of this subject and it's going to be FUN.