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Daily Bull 11.13.15

"Ooh Carolina so dark I can't see
Ooh Carolina won't you let me go free"
- Robert Earl Keen

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Our earnest, soulless lawyers are suing NFL 'chises. Our boys are playing a school that I'm not convinced is an actual state in Western Carolina. OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF.

Let's Daily Bull.

ABC ALWAYS BE CROOTIN. As a rule of thumb in life, always recruit skill position players named Trayveon. Such a badass name. Sumlin flipped 4-star running back Trayveon Williams from TCU. NICE - we need a back or three. The 5'9" 185 lbs. Williams will probably see the field right away in 2016. Welcome to Aggieland.

MUGDOWN: MYERS GIGS. What's not to love about The MUGDOWN? Irreverent, self-deprecating - solid virtues that shine like candles of hope in an oft-serious Texas A&M culture. The lampooning scamps made a personality evaluation for Aggies based on the famous Myers-Briggs assessment that some HR stooge has probably had you take. In MYERS GIGS, I'm reluctant to say that I am an ENTP. In the Myers-Briggs, I'm an INFP, so do with that what you will. I also once ran into a barbed wire fence naked. Yes, I would love the contact information of your therapist.

THERE'S A DAMN SPIRIT ALRIGHT. You can watch the There's a Spirit 2015 video that's been playing on the jumbotron before monumentally frustrating games at the Hate Barn this year.

ETC. ALL CAPS will be on its way in a bit as well as some other stuff to pull you through your Friday. Here's noted food connoisseur and wordsmith Anthony Bourdain talking Waffle House. Enjoy.