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Texas A&M 35, South Carolina 28: By The Numbers

A look at the numbers that shape your discontent.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

We won. We won an SEC game early on a damp Halloween morning against a struggling team in turmoil, but it was a win and we found some offense. Could it have been better? Of course, but it could also have been much worse. We successfully broke in a true freshman new starting quarterback.

0. Turnovers. WE'RE UNDEFEATED IN SEC PLAY WHEN WE DON'T HAVE A TURNOVER. All we have to do is not turn the ball over. It's so obvious.

1. Snap not taken by Kyler Murray, and that was because his helmet came off. Looks like he's the starter for the time being, and Kyle's behind him.

2. Hundred-yard rushers. Murray and Carson each cracked triple digits and had a touchdown. #RTDB

3. Penalties, for 35 yards. Cleaning up the penalties was going to be essential because Ole Miss was a macabre circus.

4. Sacks, with a couple of them being forced fumbles recovered by the Gamecocks. Chavis got good pressure with the defensive line and also threw in a corner blitz towards the end of the game that got home.

5. Players with a catch. The passing game was a little bit limited, but what was working was working well, especially the slant routes. RSJ has really come on strong in the past few games.

6. This is what Donovan Wilson has done so far this season through eight games: 45 tackles, 6 TFL, 2 sacks, a QB hurry, 5 interceptions, 2 pass breakups, 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, and one very nice touchdown.

9. Team tackles for a loss. This is right about at the team's average and also did you know that the Ags are in the top four in the nation at tackling for a loss?

71. That punt by Kaser. Another bullet point for an already-impressive 2015 resume. He still averaged over 42 yards per punt with that weird 15-yarder thrown in. Finishing strong his senior year.

379. Total yards for Murray: 223 passing and 156 on the ground, with one TD apiece running and throwing. Pretty nice little Saturday.

445. Yards allowed. The defense gave up more than we'd have expected, but they still did enough to get the win. South Carolina called a very good offensive game.

544. Total offense. More than the previous two games combined. Probably buys Spav another week IMO.

"102154". Attendance. OK.