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College football mascots dress up in Halloween costumes

Sometimes one costume just isn't enough.

It's almost Halloween, and that means costumes and trick-or-treating, but why should kids have all the fun? Some of our favorite college football mascots also got in on the act, and their costume choices are surprisingly poignant.

Reveille (Texas A&M) as a zombie

Much like the Aggie football team, a zombie shows zero signs of life, only to return from the dead and feast on the living at the end. Rev loses points for originality since she wore this exact same costume last year.


Big Al (Alabama) as Iron Man

He wears the same costume every single year, but dammit if it isn't an awesome one. Every year we think someone else in the conference might have a better costume, but when Halloween comes, he always seems to come out on top in the candy haul.

Brutus (Ohio State) as Darth Vader

While Darth has a fearsome reputation, he consistently struggles with seemingly inferior competition. He needs to just choose one Death Star and stick with it.

Bevo (Texas) as a vampire

Ten years ago, vampires were ridiculously popular. You couldn't turn on the TV without seeing them. But their popularity has since waned. Also, Texas fans are like vampires, because they kind of suck, and based on recent attendance, don't like the daylight.

The Tiger (Clemson) as Lloyd Christmas from Dumb & Dumber

Just when you think the Clemson Tiger couldn't possibly wear any more orange, he throws on an orange tuxedo and top hat, and totally redeems himself. Clemson, like Lloyd, is one of the most enthusiastic fanbases you'll meet, and seem to be having a lot of success in spite of themselves.

The Fighting Duck (Oregon) as a sexy nurse

Sure, the sexy nurse costume is wildly popular, and with the right person inside of it, can be a heck of a costume. Unfortunately, the duck is spending this Halloween vomiting in the bushes and drunk dialing his exes in Philadelphia and Nashville.

Big Jay (Kansas) wearing a witch hat

Fitting that the Jayhawk would wear the ultimate give-up of Halloween costumes. As usual, he does the absolute bare minimum, and is just lucky he's invited to the party each year.