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You know what's the best thing about the MSU cowbells? When they're losing, they shut the hell up.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Last time I saw a slaughter like that near the Stockyards, I at least got 10 steaks outta the deal.

The Aggies are ready to defend their home turf and beat the hell outta Mississippi State. It is very important that everyone answer today's poll, and please be aware that if you don't see an option that matches how you feel that is fine and you can go ahead and get the hell out of here.

I will be your spirit guide on this journey of the soul - provided my janky hill country internet holds out. Let's crowdsource a motivational speech as we wait for kickoff. What would you say to the team before they head out into the field?


Will A&M beat MSU?

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  • 8%
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  • 91%
    (471 votes)
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