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Daily Bull 10.29.15

"Palmetto rose in the sidewalk mud
Pearly white stem and a big green bud
Catch him coming out of a King Street store
Bullshit story about the Civil War"
- Jason Isbell

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Jamie Squire/Getty Images

SMH DMN HERE'S YOUR BONE. I'm not really sure what the Dallas Morning News is anymore. They're kind of like your dad's AOL homepage in 1998. Forgettable nuggets, clunky interface, loud noises, and absolutely no substance. It's the middle of the college football season, so why not posit an article about a first year coach replacing a coach who is not on the hot seat. The author felt compelled to suggest Chad Morris would be a good option at Texas A&M when Sumlin leaves. It seems someone was reading through some TexAgs threads from 2010, gang. I like Chad Morris, and he might make a stop at A&M at some point, but this article is somehow incredibly premature and late at the same time.

SUMLIN ON SPURRIER. NICE. Know how you can rip your friends openly and relentlessly, but you watch your mouth with acquaintances you actually loathe? I could tell early on when the Ags entered the SEC that Sumlin and Spurrier were chums. Good jabs exchanged. Solid irreverence. I enjoyed this article out of The State in Columbia on the impact the ol' Ball Coach made on Sumlin.

THURSDAY TRENDSDAY TRASHDAY. Oh boy. Handle this link only if you're wearing appropriate hazmat gear. Need some stark numbers and trends to bludgeon you over the head with just how off the rails Kyle Allen has gone? Sure you do. You're an Aggie, so the reptilian part of your brain seeks reward through pain. Here's the deal though - Kyle Allen is going to bounce back. Mend the wing, shake off the cobwebs, and dine.