Kyle Allen: Before and After

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M once was unstoppable on Offense, but is now dysfunctional. That dysfunction is partially sophomore QB Kyle Allen's fault. Before reading, know this; this piece is not intended to bash student-athlete Kyle Allen, but it is intended to criticize the adult coaches who have mismanaged him these past two games.

My roommate from college pointed out after the Alabama game, something happened in the second half of the Mississippi State game to Kyle Allen. I shrugged it off fully expecting Kyle Allen to rebound against Ole Miss; thinking Kyle merely had one bad game. He followed a bad game with an even worse game. I cannot deny it any longer; something happened to Kyle Allen.

Here are Kyle's numbers pre-Mississippi State and after Mississippi State:

ASU - 15-26 (57%), 198 yards, 2 TDs 1 Int: 5 scoring drives
Ball State - 10-13 (77%) , 126 yards 3 TDs 0 Ints: 5 Scoring Drives
Nevada - 18-31 (58%), 270 yards, 4TDs 1 Int: 7 scoring drives
Arkansas - 21-28 (75%), 358 yards, 2 TDs 0 Ints, 5 Scoring Drives
Miss State - 25-41 (60%); 322 yards, 2TDs 0 Ints: 5 scoring drives
1st Half - 18-25 (72%); 226 yards, 2TDs 0 Ints: 4 scoring drives

Average through 15 Quarters and 1 overtime: 16.4- 24.6 (67.8%); 2.6 TDs .4 Ints: 5.2 scoring drives
Kyle did not play in second half against ball State, nor in the 4th quarter against Nevada

2nd Half - 7-16(43%); 96 yards; 0 TDs 0 Ints; 1 scoring drive
Alabama - 20-40 (50%), 263 yards; 1 TD 3 Ints; 4 scoring drives
Ole Miss - 12-34 (35%), 88 yards, 0 TDs 1 Int; 1 scoring drive

Average Through the last 10 Quarters: 13-30 (43%); 149 yards; .333 TDs; 1.333 Ints; 2 scoring drives

At halftime of the Mississippi State game, Kyle Allen was a 67% passer. Since halftime, Kyle Allen is a 43% passer over the last 10 quarters of play. I will concede that the competition has gotten tougher, but A&M was not playing the 85 Chicago Bears defense. Kyle Allen's passes have soared over receivers, swing passes are way off target, and his mechanics/footwork have digressed. Kyle Allen is a competitor and I expect him to bounce back. I want him to bounce back and be successful, but something is wrong. This is not the same kid from earlier in the season, or in the first half of Auburn last year.

If the staff knew of some injury or discomfort with Kyle Allen's shoulder, there should have been a plan B ready to go for last night. If Kyler Murray was in the doghouse, then Jake Hubenak should have had some reps with the 1s during practice last week. Instead, the coaching staff left Kyle Allen on the field to further shake any confidence the kid had left. Jake or Kyler are not going to be the immediate answer, but give us a better shot at getting the ball into the playmakers' hands for the time being.


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